Stirio Hands-Free Stirrer mixes it up in the kitchen

Stirio Hands-Free Stirrer mixes it up in the kitchen

Making risotto is a labor of love. It’s rice, after all, turned into something wonderful but the constant stirring that’s required scares off some people and getting to perfection takes time. But what if a motorized pot stirrer could make the risotto? The Stirio Hands-Free Stirrer, $ 54, is claimed to do just that and more, so the experts at Consumer Reports put Stirio to the test.

Stirio claims

“Clamps onto your pot and will stir any food; for example, … (read more)

Wood and Concrete Studio Mixes Old, New and Borrowed

The office and home of the Ganna Studio designers in Taipei, Taiwan is a great example of how to “marry” different materials, how to combine the old with the new and how to borrow design elements. They are not afraid to use, in a very limited space, such contrasting materials as wood, concrete, glossy glass, marble and fabric. The end result is quite daring and every room has a very strong personality! The old, represented here by the herringbone pattern of the floor and the … (read more)