84″ High Art Mirror from Boca Do Lobo: Venice

A shattered shape is what defines this unusual art mirror from Portuguese company Boca Do Lobo. The Venice mirror features a signature silhouette inspired by classical architecture, framed in reflective floral details that bring us back to a more romantic era. The carefully crafted bevel work, silvering and glass details make this mirror a real thing of beauty. Alas, it is broken and pieced back together in twisted way that gives it its contemporary edge. Used as a looking glass, this unique mirror makes an eye-catching addition … (read more)

Cool “Looking Good” Wall Mirror by Thabto

Looking Good! Wait… are we talking about the mirror, or the reflection in it? Both! The Looking Good mirror from Thabto is a funky, playful piece inspired by the classic sunglasses design. A little vanity has never looked so cool! The two “lenses” feature mirrors that are great for a quick glace as you run out the door for the day or night. This unusual wall-mounted mirror measures one meter across and boasts the popular thick black frame that we see gracing the coolest catwalks and the trendiest eyewear shops. Plus, black goes … (read more)

Icona Mirror pellet stove from Caminetti Montegrappa

Caminetti Montegrappa makes modern, highly efficient stoves, both pellet and wood burning. The elegant Icona Mirror comes with advanced forced convection system in simple rectangular sheet-steel body finished in red, black, white or grey with the mirror glass door. You can get Icona as wall mounted stove also.

This pellet stove features Caminetti Automatic Power System that automatically regulates the thermal output to maintain constant heat, according to the actual demand of your room. Once the requested temperature is reached, Icona keeps it as long as needed, avoiding uncomfortable and economically unfavourable … (read more)