$2,700 Miele dishwasher a middling performer in our tests

$ 2,700 Miele dishwasher a middling performer in our tests

Consumer Reports just added a $ 2,700 Miele dishwasher to its Ratings, the most expensive model by far of the almost 200 dishwashers in our tests. For that price you get three adjustable racks, a built-in water softener and a souped-up turbo cycle, among other fancy features. What you won’t get is sparkling results as the Miele Futura Diamond G5975SCSF was a mid-pack performer in our tests.

The multitasking Miele has a variety of washing options, including … (read more)

Miele Flacon tumble dryer

Your freshly dried clothes will now smell like roses. Well, not exactly but the 8kg T8866 WP Flacon tumble dryer from Miele comes with Cocoon fragrance pods which you can place in a designated holder to have fresh smelling laundry each and every cycle. Additional Cocoon as well as Aqua and Nature perfume pods sell for around £10.

The ‘AAA’ rated Flacon condenser dryer features Plus LCD display that shows settings and programs in different languages, sculptured honeycomb drum, environmentally friendly heat pump, delay start, anti-crease option, extended drying option and 12 programs … (read more)

10 Induction Cooktops For Modern Free Standing Kitchens and Others

Induction cooktops can save space, and can make a free standing kitchen even smaller in size. By using an induction cooktop you’ll also save energy because they heat up much more efficiently. Here’s a list of the top 10 induction cooktops over at Home Tome:

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop 8300ST –

Duxtop Induction Cooktop uses 120 volts, 15 amps of electricity , standard in all homes; it is lightweight and compact for easy handling and storageit comes with a digital control panel.

Induction cooktop from AEG-Electrolux – AEG-Electrolux Induction cooktops enhance … (read more)

Miele hoods with multi-zone edge extraction

Edge extraction conceals technical-looking metal grease filters behind decorative screens. And now, Miele is going one step further, introducing new cooker hoods with multi-zone edge extraction. These hoods set standards in terms of aesthetics as multiple individual panels serve as decorative elements. To ensure a design that matches kitchen furniture, you have a choice of panels in stainless steel or glass.

Compared with a single screen used with conventional edge-extraction range hoods, multiple individual panels offer considerable advantages,
– cooking vapours are extracted both around the perimeter and in the centre
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Rating the Latest Appliances – JD Powers Results

The 2010 Laundry Appliance Satisfaction Study and 2010 Kitchen Appliance Satisfaction Study from J.D. Power and Associates found that awareness of Energy Star certified appliances has increased among U.S. owners of new appliances since 2009 and so has the percentage who purchased an Energy Star appliance.

According to appliancemagazine.com, 86% of 2010 dishwasher buyers reported buying an Energy Star certified appliance, for an increase of 5% from 2009 and a 9% increase from 2008.

Satisfaction with appliance performance is strongly influenced by the owner’s perception of the appliance’s water and/or energy … (read more)

Indoor barbecue grills – new Miele CombiSet grills

Miele is bringing the great outdoors straight to your homes with new indoor barbecue grills from its CombiSet line. The indoor CombiSet grills will be available in 12″ or 15″ widths and offer dual heating zones with separate controls, so searing, cooking or warming can be done simultaneously. You can sear on the front zone while slowly cook or warm on the rear of your grill. Cast iron grates and lava rocks evenly distribute heat to offer an exceptional outdoor grilling experience with the convenience of cooking inside.

The new electric indoor barbecue … (read more)

Countertop steam oven from Miele

Great food, healthy cooking and ease of use are combined in the latest Miele countertop steam oven which is certain to fit into any kitchen. The DG 1450 steam oven is a freestanding countertop appliance with a width of only 50cm and requiring a rather small footprint. Technically, it is based on the previous model, the DG 1050, which earned top marks in the last steam cooker test conducted by Germany leading consumer watchdog, Stiftung Warentest in January 2007. The key difference between these countertop ovens is a contemporary and extremely simple user … (read more)

Gourmet oven by Miele Marine

Miele introduces North America to the new H 5981 BP, a 90cm gourmet oven, which features a plethora of unique features not the least of which is a gigantic 85 liter capacity cavity. The oven gives captains, owners or onboard chefs the room to roast 3 chickens on the accompanying spit, or the capacity to bake an 80cm baguette utilizing humidity with the oven unique Moisture Plus feature. With this oven, you can create all kinds of gourmet dishes while swimming away on your luxury yacht. For baking, humidity helps dough rise better and … (read more)