Chazelles wood metal fireplaces

Chazelles Frog

The wood burning, modern wall mounted fireplaces from Chazelles are made of high quality metal and offer sweeping views of roaring flames.

Chazelles Kylen

Though not overly efficient, these wall fireplaces bring a clean minimalist look and are perfectly suited for smaller contemporary living spaces. Chazelles.

Chazelles Vinkle


Laser Cut Metal Pendants: Fire Lily by Amichai Oron

Amichai Oron operates a small boutique studio and it is here that these stunning laser cut orbs of swirling blossoms are created. While giving the appearance of freeform design, the spheres are actually first produced from a precise two-dimensional shape of mathematical precision has been cut out from flat, sheet metal via a laser manufacturing process. It is only after the “arms” of the sheet metal are folded up into the finished globular shape that the blossoms take on an organic formation of random energy. The blossoms removed … (read more)