How manufacturers make dishwashers so quiet

How manufacturers make dishwashers so quiet

Shop for a low-cost dishwasher today, and the model you choose will probably have a filter—the component in the bottom of the tub that catches food bits so they won’t adhere to clean dishes. The filter cleans itself. But pay $ 700 or more, and you’ll have to periodically clean the filter yourself. Why pay more to do extra maintenance? There’s a very good reason.

Self-cleaning filters don’t need your attention because they have a grinder, often called a macerator, which pulverizes the … (read more)

The Fab Five: 5 Coolest Kitchens from 3 German Manufacturers

LivingKitchen 2013 IMM Cologne has served up some sweet kitchen designs any chef would crave, showcasing the newest materials, the greenest technologies, innovative appliances and interesting culinary creations. We’re dishing on these fab five kitchen designs by Pfister, Rational and Bauknecht. You’ll be coming back for seconds!

Pfister presents… Newwave

Recognized for its organically sexy silhouette and naturally gorgeous grain, this round kitchen made from solid Canadian maple by Pfister is quite the dish. The continuous grain runs horizontally across the front. Your eye follows … (read more)