Concrete Tableware for Tasty Looking Meals

Architect and designer Vido Nori‘s passion for food led her to create a collection of tableware to suit her food design taste. True to her very geometrical style, she goes for asymmetrical shapes, with sharp angles and abrupt lines. Porcelain is obviously obsolete for the designer, for she chooses a very unusual material for the tableware industry: concrete. The collection is rich, consisting of bowls, platters, plates and snack dishes. They all come in different sizes and shapes, in order for one to be able … (read more)

Looking for even browning in a colorful new batch of toasters

Looking for even browning in a colorful new batch of toasters

Testing is heating up in the toaster labs at Consumer Reports. It will be another few weeks before the final results are in, revealing which toasters pop out the most evenly browned toast with the highest rate of consistency, but we can tell you this much—the current batch of toasters is the hottest we’ve seen in years. Here are a few of the highlights:

Pops of color. The trend for brightly colored countertop appliances is gathering steam … (read more)

Cool “Looking Good” Wall Mirror by Thabto

Looking Good! Wait… are we talking about the mirror, or the reflection in it? Both! The Looking Good mirror from Thabto is a funky, playful piece inspired by the classic sunglasses design. A little vanity has never looked so cool! The two “lenses” feature mirrors that are great for a quick glace as you run out the door for the day or night. This unusual wall-mounted mirror measures one meter across and boasts the popular thick black frame that we see gracing the coolest catwalks and the trendiest eyewear shops. Plus, black goes … (read more)