Indoor Pool in Your Living Room!

We never would have thought you could get an indoor pool in a house this wide, but here it is. Courtesy of P8 Architects in Belgium, this young family has a pool off their living room. The folding glass walls offer multiple combinations – it can be an indoor pool, an outdoor pool or an indoor/outdoor pool! Opening onto a lovely patio with a bamboo forest really makes you feel you’re part of nature. Using a current/training stream (easily fits under the walkway/bridge), you can swim on the … (read more)

Ideal Kitchen Dining and Living Space Combination idea from Snaidero

All for One and One for All.
This 4 in 1 living space combines kitchen, dining, entertaining, and sleeping all within one public area without compromising the overall design aesthetic of the home. The public zones are all allocated into three sections of the open concept living space with the living area double the size of the food zones while at the same time sharing its square footage with the exposed yet hidden sleeping zone. Disguised as an oversized ottoman the bed fits seamlessly into the overall furniture layout of the entertaining … (read more)

Don’t short sheet the bed and other tips for college living

Don’t short sheet the bed and other tips for college living

College students will be off to campus in the coming weeks and are shopping in earnest to furnish the rooms where they’ll be spending the next nine months. Towels? Check. Pillows? Check. Sheets. Not so fast. Before investing in a good set of bed linens, check the size of the dorm bed. Most college dorms have beds that are five inches longer than the standard twin so regular twin sheets won’t cover them. The extra-long twin sheets aren’t … (read more)

Dome range hood by Toyo Kitchen & Living

This island range hood is created by highly skilled metal artisans in Japan, using manual spinning with a levered machine tool to shape a metal surface, rotated by a lathe, into a desired form.

The Toyo Kitchen & Living hood then is finished in elegant silver colored coating, becoming a functional decorative piece in your kitchen. This range hood comes with detachable oil tray for easier cleaning. Measures 80 cm in diameter, 41 cm in height, LED lighting. Toyo.


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Bohemian Living Room: Roche Bobois Mah Jong Modular Sofa

We are instantly attracted to the livable, lovable “shabby chic” look, which in this space happens to be more chic than shabby, but you get the picture. Roche Bobois’ new Mah Jong modular sofa designed by Hans Hopfer boasts a decidedly bohemian aesthetic with its large-scale, low-profile form that invites you to lean back and lounge. Following in the footsteps of Roche Bobois Couture Furniture, this new modular sofa collection comes with various components which can be pieced together to suit any space, large or … (read more)

Nautical Themed Living Room Idea by Roche Bobois

Dressed by Jean Paul Gaultier in classically cool Sailor collection fabrics, the Mah Jong modular sofa from Roche Bobois brings a nautical theme to your living room. Boasting a casual blue, white and red motif of solids, stripes and spots, this sea-inspired style adds an air of carefree getaway to your everyday. The casual fabrics complement the sofa’s laissez-faire form of low-profile, large scale cushions that invite you to kick back and relax. In the wake of Roche Bobois’ Couture Furniture, this modular design has … (read more)

Casual-chic living room decor: Rustic storage, colorful cozy furniture

What is the top living room essential of 2013? Comfort, and Roche Bobois does it with real panache! After all, who wants to feel like they’re living in a museum? We love the inviting, eclectic look of this living room by Roche Bobois – a true master at delivering casual comfort coupled with contemporary style. Case in point – the Mah Jong modular sofa. This colorful and cozy collection has a casual look and feel, and its modular components can be arranged as desired, to suit … (read more)

Wanders Vidra pellet stove brings style and efficiency in smaller living spaces

The highly efficient Vidra is the latest wood pellet stove from Wanders, expected to fit into rather tight spaces. And the slim pellet stove does just that – measuring only 27cm in depth, it just over a meter high, 84cm wide, and comes in red or white shiny finish.

The Wanders Vidra 6 offers 6.0 kW output and 90.5% efficiency, whereas Vidra 9 delivers 9.0 kW at slightly lower 86%. This pellet stove represent a perfect compromise between simplicity, robustness, performance and style. Wanders. Previously, Wanders Pearl and Black Diamond … (read more)