Knitted is a Textural Modern Light with Traditional Roots

A collaboration between Israeli designers Ariel Zucherman and Oded Sapir resulted in light series called Knitted. Knitted combines both industrial and manual crochet knitting with modern lighting technology. The knitted wool threads create fixed 3D patterns in sheet formation that are then fitted over a rigid skeletal structure before finally turning into the dynamic sacks that hold the globes of light. The result is an organic light fixture that is graphic, colorful and visceral.

While the knitted sacks lend themselves to … (read more)

Ballerina Light Shade: Floor Lamps by Rakumba

Originally created as a private commission for ANZ Private Banking, these modern floor lamps are based on the Ballerina Lampshade concept. Don’t they just look like a dancer twirling on the dance floor? Designed by Simone LeAmon, these lights are a truly contemporary upgrade to the original iconic inspiration. The frills and twists are borrowed from the original late 19th century creation.The legs of this lamp are artfully positioned and conjure up the delicate limbs of a dancer – on pirouette. It’s available in two styles: Prima Ballerina … (read more)

2 Irregolare Suspension Lights With 2 Stories to Tell

The simple silhouette and colour palette of Vidon lights disguise a complex story of history and culture. The word “vidon” actually means “big screw” in the Friuli language – a language with its heritage in the Fruili region of northeastern Italy – and Vidon is the visual interpretation of the screw used in the press machines that turn grapes into wine – also used that region. Unlike the press machine, these screws are made from ceramic and boast the brilliant shades of black, white and yellow. To further … (read more)

Solar Clothespins Light Up Urban Nights

Designers Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka came up with a way to make doing laundry festive – and it doesn’t use any electricity. Solar powered clothespins emit soft romantic colored lights at night,using the power they grabbed from the sun during the day. There’s an LED light, a night sensor, a battery pack and two solar panels on each clothespin. The solar technology today is so advanced and so affordable. Can you imagine if a whole neighborhood got together and bought a couple of case lots? What a charming way that would be to illuminate … (read more)

Design Yourself Light Weight Furniture by Oruga

What fun it is to be able to design your own lightweight furniture and pick any color(s) you want! As Oruga’s website says, “Oruga is the Coolest Collection” — and they are so right! And not one tree was harmed in the making of this furniture – it contains no wood (and no metal for that matter). There are no loose cushions to be always rearranging either – thanks to this ultra practical design. The material is almost impervious to stains – even a marker will wipe off … (read more)

Bright, Light Infused Loft in Amsterdam

Dutch architect Laura Alvarez transformed a dark, dingy, two-storey apartment in Amsterdam into this bright, light-infused loft space we’d die for. Charged with getting “rid of the dark, claustrophobic feel of the old apartment and introduce a bright loft atmosphere,” Alvarez got to work, which involved gutting the space, removing existing walls and redefining this home as a whole. The resulting space features an open-concept, 70m2 main-floor footprint with a central “floating” staircase that is as much appreciated for its practical purposes as for its sleek style, leading up to the private bedroom … (read more)

Liebherr wine cabinet – three-zone freestanding wine refrigerator

The new Liebherr WS 17800, three-zone freestanding wine cabinet holds 178 bottles and is intended for wine drinkers of all levels. With its beautiful stainless steel surround, the freestanding wine refrigerator stands alone adding an elegant design detail to any dining or recreation room. Ideal for the wine connoisseur who may not have space for a cellar, the third temperature zone allows the perfect beverage storage temperature at 55°F and drinking temperature for whites at 41°F and reds at 64°F. Each zone can be adjusted separately from the other zones to adhere to … (read more)