5 dependable dishwashers for $400 or less

5 dependable dishwashers for $ 400 or less

For some of us, the extra benefits of paying the average $ 1,200 price for one of the dishwashers recommended by Consumer Reports aren’t worth the extra money. What you get by paying more—lots of flexibility, quiet running, a stainless tub, and shorter cycles—doesn’t matter if you can’t afford more than, say, $ 400. With this in mind, here are a handful of dishwashers that aren’t perfect—they all lack a stainless interior and an adjustable upper rack— but they’ll get your … (read more)

Dependable washing machines for $600 or less

Dependable washing machines for $ 600 or less

Spend $ 1,000 or more on a washing machine and you can choose between a front-loader and high-efficiency (HE) top-loader, with high performance a good possibility and handy features a given. If your budget is $ 600 or less then a top-loader’s for you—you can even find a large capacity HE model that uses a lot less water than a conventional top-loader yet is impressive at cleaning. We found five that fit the bill. But first a warning. All five are relatively … (read more)

10 top-rated small appliances for $50 or less

10 top-rated small appliances for $ 50 or less

One-third of holiday shoppers are concerned about going over their budget, according to the latest Consumer Reports holiday poll. The good news is that with Christmas fast approaching, stores and online retailers are offering discounts and free shipping so there are still bargains to be found. Fortunately, the experts in our labs are on the lookout for good deals all year long and have found some top-performing small appliance that cost $ 50 or less. Here are 10 to consider.

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Some of the best space heaters cost $100 or less

Some of the best space heaters cost $ 100 or less

You don’t have to look far to see ads hawking space heaters, with special sales of the portable Dyson AM04 and the Heat Surge HT-XL—the so-called Amish heater—as close as your home-shopping TV channels. But even if you need to settle quickly on a model, you don’t have to spring for one of the sale-priced but still-pricey units making the rounds. In fact, you can pay far less.

The $ 300 Dyson AM04, in … (read more)

5 easy kitchen updates for $500 or less

5 easy kitchen updates for $ 500 or less

Give cabinets a fresh face
Instead of replacing cabinets that are plumb, square, and sturdy, update them for a fraction of the price. You have two options: refacing, which offers more choices for more money, and refinishing, which is more work but costs less. Refacing involves adding new “skins” to cabinets and costs $ 150 to $ 300 per door opening, including materials and installation. Or, refresh cabinets with a new coat of paint. Clean them with a degreasing … (read more)

The five best food processors from our tests for $100 or less

The five best food processors from our tests for $ 100 or less

Consumer Reports’ top-rated food processor, the Breville BFP800XL/A is masterful in just about every way, and it’s incredibly quiet. But at $ 400, it’s also the priciest model in our Ratings by far. What if you can only spend $ 100? Or even $ 50? It turns out there are some decent models at that price point, though you’ll have to settle for one or two deficiencies. Here are five to consider from Consumer Reports’ … (read more)

Five feature-filled refrigerators for $1,600 or less

Five feature-filled refrigerators for $ 1,600 or less

As refrigerators have gotten bigger and better—often boasting more than 30 cubic feet of claimed capacity and neat features like LCD displays and seltzer water dispensers—prices have also increased. Nearly half of the 60-plus models on our list of recommended refrigerators cost $ 2,000 or more, and you can easily spend many times that on a pricey built-in. But there are also plenty of less-expensive, yet still high-performing models to choose from. Here are five to consider if money is a … (read more)

Impressive washer and dryer pairs for $1,500 or less

Impressive washer and dryer pairs for $ 1,500 or less

The best washers and dryers in Consumer Reports’ latest tests are typically among the most expensive, so if you want a matching dryer for your new washer you might have to spend lots of money to do loads of laundry. You’ll pay about $ 3,100 for our top-rated front-loader, a Samsung, and its matching electric dryer. But if your budget is around $ 1,500 or less, take a look at the pairs that did well in our tests and … (read more)