Clever Side Table Lamp Combo by Martinelli Luce: Clochard

What a clever idea – a table and lamp built to lean against the wall. It’s perfect for the front entry, a place where you can drop your keys, your mail, your pocket change. The “Clochard” by Marinelli Luce is designed around a hooked cane as its support. And while the name Clochard is indeed French for tramp, it evokes images of a top hat and tails for us. It’s lightweight and portable, making it super easy to move around. And the light function simply plugs into a … (read more)

Blom Table Lamp by Sander Bakker

Inspired by the natural growth of flowers, the Blom table lamp is a modern light design that glows with an organic fluidity of delicate petals wrapping around and around in overlaying rows of soft white shapes that create a pattern of light and shade through the translucence of the petals. The base incorporates a grain pattern to further enhance the organic appeal of Blom and the 3 legs are as though there are 3 stems with merging flowers. As an interesting contrast to this imagery is the brightly … (read more)

Imposing Contemporary Wooden Floor Lamp from Roche Bobois

Part of Les Contemporains collection, Accastillage is yet another statement floor lamp from well-known French brand Roche Bobois. Standing on a round stainless steel base, the walnut structure has an organic look. The shape reminds somehow of that of a fishing cane, with the visible red electric cord on which hangs the blown glass lamp shade. The color of the lamp shade is the only variable part of the lamp, and it comes in white or red. With its 205 cm tall, this lamp will dominate … (read more)

Oversized Floor Lamp Diana by Delightfull: the next iconic design?

We just love the modern, large-scale take on this classic desk lamp from Portuguese company Delightfull. The new Diana Floor XL lamp takes this traditional tabletop lamp design and kicks it up a notch in terms of its size, its sleek subtleties and its bold color palette. And with a motto like “Think Big,” what else would you expect? This oversized floor lamp measures 90.5 inches tall, 51.2 inches wide and 59 inches deep, making a big style statement in any room. The body boasts a chrome or gold plated frame with hinges … (read more)

Meltdown Lamp by Johan Lindsten for Cappellini

We almost had a meltdown when we caught a glimpse of the new Meltdown Lamp from Italian company Cappellini. Young Swedish designer Johan Lindsten created this funky colored-glass globe, blown by hand into a mold with a dip at the bottom to cradle the light bulb. True to its name, the Meltdown lamp indeed looks like it’s melting downward. These pendants come in a pleasing palette of pastels to choose from: gray, pink, tobacco, blue, amethyst, amber and of course, clear. We love the look of grouping a multi-colored collection at different … (read more)

Trendy Square Lamp Shades by Sandro Santantonio

Italy’s Sandro Santantonio Design, together with Spanish company Decorluc, introduces the latest in modern lamps for the home – Ribbon. With a trendy spin on a classic piece, the Ribbon line of lamps features shades clad in ribbons running vertically and overlapping for a subtle, stunning effect when lit. But it is the square profile that gives these fixtures such an unexpected look. Available are table lamps, sconces, floor lamps and pendants. The shades come in a range of sizes and dimensions, in colors from bold red and black to gentle white, cream … (read more)

Libera lamp from Lucente: Set your style free!

Set your style sensibilities free with the Libera lamp from Italian company Lucente! This chic and contemporary lighting design created by Brian Rasmussen features layers of different-sized aluminum sheets, stacked surrounding a blown glass cylinder to form a sleek, spherical, spiral that makes our head spin and turns the world of lighting on its head! With the flick of a switch, light reflects off these individual plates to create the most alluring pattern that instantly grabs your attention. Say “goodbye” to boring functional fixtures, and make a fashion statement without saying a word. … (read more)

Lamp with Shelf by Northern Lighting – Illusion

Now, here’s an innovative take on the “table lamp”! The Illusion Lamp by Northern Lighting incorporates the lamp and the shelf in one, allowing for the dual function of illumination and an added surface without eating up any existing floor and table space. Available in a wall-mounted and pendant lamp option, Illusion comes in shiny white and matte black finish – equally modern, equally attention-grabbing. A stylish spot to drop your keys by the door or set your drink, these wall and pendant lamps are an uber-cool addition to any contemporary home. More … (read more)