Laminate takes a seat at the table of high design

Laminate takes a seat at the table of high design

It’s not the coziest looking chair, but “6 Shades of Grey,” the winning entry in a design competition sponsored by Wilsonart, is one of the most inventive uses of laminate you might ever see. Designed by University of Oregon student Katie Lee, the chair will be on display from May 18-21 at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City.

Laminate has gotten much better looking in recent years, thanks to improved printing technologies that allow … (read more)

Mint automatic hardwood floor cleaner

Mint is the robotic floor cleaner designed to tackle hardwood floors as well as laminates and tiles. Guided much like a GPS by a patented NorthStart cube, the automatic floor cleaner performs an excellent job of dusting and mopping in efficient and methodical fashion. It doesn’t miss a spot and doesn’t repeat the route. You can use any disposable or washable cleaning cloth brands, dry or moistened. The Mint automatic hardwood floor cleaner tracks where it cleans. Once finished, this robotic floor cleaner returns to its starting position and conserves battery power.

Equipped … (read more)

Neato robotic vacuum cleaner

The new Neato XV-11 robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a centrifugal compression-impeller that creates sustained high-power suction. The vacuum plans out its cleaning path with the help of a laser mapping system and avoids bumping into walls, furniture, or stairs. This high performance, efficient robot vacuum creates a map of your entire environment and does not bounce off the walls. Using a straight-line pattern, the Neato all-floor vacuum cleaner completes its task and then automatically returns to the charging base. It removes all kinds of dirt and debris on all surfaces, including carpet, rugs, … (read more)

Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System

We think we’ve found the ultimate kitchen and household robot vacuum. The powerful XV-11 saves you time by automatically vacuuming your entire floor–even deep into corners and under furniture, and it features a Laser-based Room Positioning System that sees everything in the room. Why is this important? Well the Neato avoids bumping into walls and furniture, and learns about all the doorways in your home instead of relying on sensors you place like the Roomba. It also works on all types of surfaces like carpets, rugs, hardwood, laminates, tile, and stone.

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Coloured glass splashbacks from toughened glass

Some of these coloured glass splashbacks are quite stunning. Made of thick toughened glass, these beautifully designed coloured splashbacks are very popular in UK and Australia. The trend is catching up here as well. Besides perfectly suited for kitchens, traditional and contemporary, you can install glass splashback in color and texture of your choice in bathrooms where they make among other things, durable and elegant shower enclosures. Here we have few samples of what your kitchen can look like with tastefully implemented coloured glass splashback.

Above and just below are two glass splashbacks from … (read more)

Bissell ProHeat All Rounder review

The robust Bissell ProHeat All Rounder is a truly all round home cleaner. A high performance vacuum cleaner that will deep clean your carpets as well as clean and dry hard floors or unsealed laminate floors to the highest commercial standard. The ergonomically designed 2.0 kW Bissell ProHeat All Rounder has water filtration, professional deep cleaning for carpets, on board water heater and upholstery cleaning tools. The All Rounder is heavy and may take some effort to move around, but it does clean perfectly. The suction of this cleaner is incredible and … (read more)

Kitchen exhaust hoods from Pando Colourlife Collection

The bright kitchen exhaust hoods from Pando Colourlife Collection will add splash of colour to your kitchen, with back-lit coloured glass, textured coloured glass or glass in any colour on the RAL chart. You can also get gorgeous printed silk screens with any design your imagination envisions. Finally, the Colourlife exhaust hoods can be panelled with a 4 mm laminate in the same finish as your kitchen units.

Made of coloured glass and AISI 304 stainless steel, the Pando P-330 glass hood comes in 60, 70, 90 and 120 cm widths and offers
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