The best kitchen gear for a breakfast of champions

The best kitchen gear for a breakfast of champions

Even though nine out of 10 people believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in our rush to get to work or school many of us skip it. Then along comes the weekend when life is more leisurely and you can take the time to make a restaurant-style breakfast or brunch at home. Whether you’re in a hurry or not, it helps to have the right kitchen gear. Here are four affordable small appliances and one frying pan … (read more)

Minimalist Kitchen with Red Accents by Comprex

Filo Young is a custom fitted kitchen designed by Marconato & Zappa for Italian manufacturer Comprex. The designers play with the de-structured character of the essential elements, which can be freely combined to suit a young and dynamic lifestyle. The contemporary design, neither dull nor in excess, aims to reach the right balance between style and function. The lines and surfaces are clean and elegant, and a lot of attention is paid to detail, and especially to materials and finishes. In terms of materials, the modules … (read more)

Jupiter ThermoMaster kitchen machine

The incredibly versatile Jupiter ThermoMaster food processor is the innovative kitchen machine that does everything. Whether cooking or steaming, stirring or kneading, crushing or shredding, mixing, grinding, pureeing, beating or emulsifying, the Jupiter ThermoMaster can handle everything.

The built-in 1.0 kW stainless steel heater ensures uniform heat and together with 0.5 kW motor deliver perfect results. With 10 temperature settings between 37°C and 130°C, and 10 speeds, you can accomplish any task. The setting of the various functions is quite simple, because of self-explanatory controls. All operations are shown in the large LCD display. … (read more)

5 easy kitchen updates for $500 or less

5 easy kitchen updates for $ 500 or less

Give cabinets a fresh face
Instead of replacing cabinets that are plumb, square, and sturdy, update them for a fraction of the price. You have two options: refacing, which offers more choices for more money, and refinishing, which is more work but costs less. Refacing involves adding new “skins” to cabinets and costs $ 150 to $ 300 per door opening, including materials and installation. Or, refresh cabinets with a new coat of paint. Clean them with a degreasing … (read more)

Suspended Kitchen Skyline 2.0 by Snaidero

When it comes to Snaidero kitchens, the first words that come to mind to describe them are design, functionality and comfort. Skyline is designed to adapt to the body movements and to facilitate them. Its main defining features are shaped worktops and areas and glass shelves equipped with built-in lighting. Like other compact designs from Snaidero, this model aims to eliminate the superfluous and to optimize functionality. The storage spaces are perfectly rationalized in order for one to have everything at hand, with minimum … (read more)

Mobile kitchen from KOCHWAGEN

The KOCHWAGEN mobile kitchens come in 80cm, 100cm and 120 cm widths – the KW80, the KW100 and the KW120. The kitchen chassis is made of high-strength, welded aluminium tubes whereas the side panels and doors are crafted from 3mm thick aluminium sheet. Chassis, side panels and doors are all covered with a protective powder coating. Every component of your KOCHWAGEN mobile kitchen is fabricated in Germany or other European countries. This cooking trolley offers increased mobility and allows for more intimate, shared experience of cooking with family and friends.

The worktop is made … (read more)

Talking kitchen knives with Kenji López-Alt

Talking kitchen knives with Kenji López-Alt

We recently invited Kenji López-Alt, chief creative officer of Serious Eats, whose weekly column The Food Lab explores the science of home cooking, to test a pair of Consumer Reports-recommended knife sets from Henckels and Ginsu. During the video shoot in López-Alt’s studio (watch the video below), we also asked him about knives in general. Here’s what López-Alt had to say.               

Where do you shop for knives?
Most of my knives are … (read more)

Fagor dishwasher could flood your kitchen

Fagor dishwasher could flood your kitchen

Some dishwashers clean better, faster, and more quietly than others; of the dozens we test each year, only the Fagor LFA-65SS, $ 1,000, repeatedly drenched our lab floor with water. We’ve judged it a Don’t Buy: Performance Problem as a result.

We bought and tested two samples of the Fagor. The same thing happened through five separate runs: Food from our test load of dirty dishes clogged the machine’s filter after the initial rinse, prompting its control system to add more water, which … (read more)