New induction cooktops from Miele

Miele offers new range of its famous induction cooktops, EasyControl Plus, DirectControl and DirectControl Plus. Several configurations are offered with the sole purpose to have an induction cooktop that fits your kitchen layout and adds performance, power and flexibility, induction cooking is known for. The new cooktops come with TwinBooster, timer for each zone, Stop & Go functions and automatic simmer direct access system. An excellent choice for the most contemporary kitchens, Miele also introduced new high-frame design, an opaque glass ceramic surface and a stainless steel frame.

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Kitchen Shapes

The next big step in the kitchen planning process is deciding what shape the kitchen will be, and determining who will use the kitchen and how often.

Although deciding on the shape seems restrictive, it actually narrows down the possibilities and makes the planning easier. The goal on deciding on a shape it to make your kitchen as efficient as possible, with the food preparation, sink and cooking areas close together. A good rule of thumb is to keep a piece of countertop between the sink and cooktop on which to prepare food.

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Kitchen Layout

Think about what happens to your food and you will get a good idea how an efficient kitchen works. The steps are usually:

Dish Washing

Bear all these in mind when planning and you won’t go far wrong. For example, put the fridge near the door where you bring in the shopping (to save you walking across the kitchen each time), put the baking supplies in a cupboard near the oven, the clean-up materials under the sink and snack items near the microwave, … (read more)

Kitchen Accessories

Furniture and accessories add the finishing touches to your kitchen and help to enhance its overall effect. Buying new accessories is the easiest way to change the look of your kitchen.

However, it is important not only to choose items that complement the style and feel of your kitchen but also ones that meet your needs.

Appliances and accessories made of stainless steel are very popular right now, such as blenders and toasters, refrigerators and pro-style oven ranges. To get the all-steel look without the price, look for steel finished appliances and accessories.

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