Neff Black Collection – Faszination Schwarz

Fascination with Black Collection by Neff underlines the trend for stylish black kitchen appliances. The Faszination Schwarz features advanced ovens, hobs, warming drawers and hoods in shiny black finishes that are elegantly contrasting with your kitchen cabinets, be they white, natural wood or stainless steel. Designed for people who want the most from their kitchen appliances. Neff.

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More from Neff,
Compact coffee center
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Built-in wine refrigerator – Viking wine cellars

Viking offers 2 full-height built-in wine refrigerator models, the EDFWB300 and the EDFWB300 F with fluted glass. Both Viking wine cellars are 76cm wide and can store up to 150 standard wine bottles within optimum storage temperatures. Exclusive TriTemp storage system offers three separate temperature zones. Electronic control system not only allows you to adjust the temperature separately in each zone between 6°C and 18°C and maintain it within a single degree, but also monitors and provides a constant 60% moisture level, ideal for long term wine storage. This built-in wine refrigerator comes with … (read more)

Stainless steel espresso maker – Gaggenau CM 210

The new Gaggenau CM 210 is the fully automatic, built-in stainless steel espresso maker, designed to take place of the highly successful Gaggenau built-in coffee maker, the CM 200. Combining the highest quality materials with cutting-edge design, this espresso machine now matches Gaggenau ovens in stainless steel for seamless integration into kitchen cabinetry. You will enjoy the full aroma of freshly brewed Italian-style coffee every day in the comfort of your home. Gaggenau incorporated its unique conical grinding gear of hardened steel which together with the exclusive Aroma whirl brewing technique, ensures … (read more)

Kitchen Cabinets

There are so many choices where cabinets are concerned, such as the door materials, style, color, frames, etc., and so much variation in price that the whole area can be confusing at times.

Hopefully, this section should give you a good place to start.

You may also want to consider the option of having your cabinets refaced. You will be surprised at the results you can achieve by doing this, and also how inexpensive it is, especially if you can find a good deal with a reputable company.

Definitely check it out first, get … (read more)

Kitchen Walls

Now you’ve chosen the design of your kitchen cabinets and worktops, the next thing is to choose the materials and the colors of your walls.

The most common materials for the kitchen walls are paint, wallpaper and tiles.


Paint is the cheapest and fastest way to transform the feeling of your kitchen, however, you need to have good surfaces to paint on (i.e. no holes or cracks which will show through the paint).

If your walls aren’t smooth enough, then you can line the walls with lining paper first (a special kind … (read more)