New Dacor dishwashers and promotion

Dacor introduced the new Distinctive, Renaissance and Integrated 24″ dishwashers. These new cutting edge appliances are a beautiful combination of style, performance, efficiency and value. With unsurpassed craftsmanship, the Distinctive dishwasher delivers the designer look in an affordably-priced, feature-rich appliance. With features like the recessed hidden handle and electronic one-touch controls on the front panel, the Distinctive model brings a modern and sophisticated design to any kitchen. Designed to handle any mess, this dishwasher also features 7 highly effective wash zones to ensure the entire load gets completely clean, while 4 wash cycles … (read more)

Indesit offers integration, connection and Eco sustainability

[Eurocucina 2010 Review]
Smart solutions with emphasis on the integration of elements and their connection with the surrounding space, were the main themes of Indesit Company at Eurocucina 2010. The priority focus is on simplifying daily life, on expanding space in the home by working on ergonomics and adapting appliances to different uses, and on Eco-sustainability. Integration makes it possible to redesign space and discover new, unexplored furnishing possibilities. Home appliances that are modular, flexible and integrated, help develop the functions needed to improve day-to-day life and also enjoy the advantages of improved … (read more)

ATAG dishwasher – slimline fully integrated dishwasher

This ATAG dishwasher, the slimline, fully integrated VA4511AT saves space and energy while delivering professional grade cleaning. With household penetration of dishwashers creeping up to the 35% mark, the potential for these time and energy saving appliances is still only beginning to be realised. Consumer education and vastly improved technology has gradually enabled the dishwasher to shed its tag as a luxury or a non-essential item, while space limitations have been addressed by a choice of slimline fully integrated models. This particular ATAG dishwasher is top quality appliance with a ‘AAA’ energy rating for … (read more)

60cm fully integrated dishwasher with 13 place settings

The De Dietrich DVH640JU1 is the top of the range 60cm fully integrated dishwasher with 13 place settings. Rated ‘AAA’, with 10 litre water consumption, it is also super quiet at 43dB, one of the quietest dishwashers on the market. This makes it perfect for use in an open plan kitchen diner as it is so quiet it can barely be heard over the sound of conversation. Will perfectly fit into existing 60cm slot to substitute your existing integrated dishwasher. As with all the dishwashers in the range, the DVH640JUI features De … (read more)

Maytag XXL dishwasher with 17 place settings

Available as either a fully integrated dishwasher, the MDW 17ITN or a freestanding dishwasher, the MDW 17FTI, Maytag XXL dishwasher offers 4 racks and 17 place settings, providing 35% higher capacity over regular models – in the size of your standard dishwasher. Such a capacity allows you to run fewer loads, and as 10 spray zones limit water consumption to only 9.9 litres per standard wash, the ‘AAA’ rated Maytag XXL is very economical. With a noise level of 44dB, it also features LCD touch control, 3 Power Zones that cut through grease and … (read more)

Maytag Appliances new ovens, ranges and cooktops

The new range of Maytag appliances unveiled last month at 2010 International Builders’ Show brings even more cooking power in your kitchen, helping you get it all done. Whether remodeling or replacing kitchen appliances, Maytag Appliances offer performance and flexibility for today’s needs. A kitchen is a cook’s fingerprint, each one is unique to the individual. Knowing every consumer is as unique as the next, Maytag created its latest generation of appliances with features to cater to individual preferences. For those who are building or remodeling, the new Maytag built-in cooktops provide more powerful burners … (read more)

Electrolux Ebony Collection

The Electrolux Ebony Kitchen Collection brings cool, sleek sophistication to your kitchen. First seen at Italy Eurocucina 2008 and Milan Design Week 2009, the Ebony black glossy finish is Electrolux response to the very popular international trend with emphasis on black kitchen appliances. The entire range of energy-efficient appliances offers the latest technology and top performance with touch controls, smooth black flat panel doors and sleek frameless black glass, complemented by stainless steel handles. The Ebony Collection includes several cooktops and refrigerators, wall oven, range hood and dishwasher.

Here are some main features … (read more)

Recessed ceiling hoods by ATAG

A new concept for ATAG and a must for the truly design conscious, the MAGNA Design Line recessed ceiling hoods create the ultimate combination of contemporary style and substance. Available in 110 cm and 150 cm widths, the body of the recessed hoods is hidden within the ceiling cavity in order to generate a flush, beautifully stylish presentation from within the kitchen. Offering flexibility as well as excellent extraction performance, these discreet recessed ceiling hoods can be also integrated into a chimney or an alcove. The fully automatic remote controls allow for ease of … (read more)