Electrolux Inspiration Range compact dishwasher

The compact dishwasher from Electrolux Inspiration Range has a distinctive, modern look. This premium dishwasher requires little space, while its clean architectural lines, unique material and sleek handle gives it an iconic look that fits in any contemporary kitchen.

Available in stylish glossy white, black or red, Electrolux Inspiration Range compact dishwasher comes with the intuitive LED interface, discreetly hidden on the upper edge of the door. In spite of its compact design, you have 6 full settings and 6 auto programs activated at the push of a button. Electrolux.

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French Country House Interior Inspiration By Artistic Couple

It is obvious that the homeowners of the Casa Lavoine apartment in Paris have an eye for creating interior spaces that are almost more like a gallery art installation. Here in the Dining Room it is even more apparent with the collage of photos all within white mattes and black frames. The photos are hung is a slightly askew grid system. This slightly “off” pattern stops the wall from looking to regimented and instead offers an organic flow similar to a school of fish under the sea. … (read more)

Electrolux Wing range hood from Inspiration Range

The new Electrolux Wing range hood comes equipped with quiet and efficient brushless motor, automatic sensors, perimeter aspiration and dimmable LED lighting. Belonging to Electrolux Inspiration Range of modern, efficient kitchen appliances, the Wing has clean architectural lines and is inspired by technology that was originally developed for professional kitchen.

The automatic smoke and vapor sensor measures the air in your kitchen and automatically sets its own speed in response to the steam generated while cooking. And its perfect smoke removal will whisk away smoke through the depression created along the edge of the … (read more)

Electrolux Design Lab 2010 announces 8 finalists

So, here they are … the winner of the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 The 2nd Space Age will be announced on September 23 and will be awarded a 6-month paid internship at Electrolux Global Design Headquarters and approximately $6,000. Electrolux Design Lab.

1. The Kitchen Hideaway, Daniel Dobrogorsky, Australia

The Kitchen Hideaway is a virtual reality concept that allows the inhabitants of a communal building to imagine being in a kitchen, preparing a particular meal rather than having to actually do this for themselves. The thoughts of the user are … (read more)

Dualit hand mixer

Designed for some serious hand mixing duties in your kitchen, the red Dualit hand whisk adds some fun and vibrant colour to your professional food preparation. This robust, modern electric Dualit hand mixer is perfect for both the domestic and professional markets, offering top notch build quality, 5 speed settings, and a choice of 5 interchangeable heads to fit every conceivable purpose.

Dualit trademark Soft Touch material finish ensures the mixer is easy to handle even with wet, slippery hands. Other main features are unique retractable power cord storage, 300-watt heavy duty professional … (read more)