Water Tower House Has Cat Bathroom and Roof Shower

This water tower to house conversion has a very unusual element: a bathroom for the cat. And an outdoor shower on the roof with a most magnificent view! When the client asked Bham Design Studio to convert an old Belgian water tower into their house, they considered the resident pet, too. Not many cats have their own bathroom with a sun-drenched space in front for their lazing pleasure. The door to the cat’s private bathroom is a charming detail – shaped like a cat’s head. And easy for the pet … (read more)

Snake Like House Mimics Nature

The HUS-1 house, designed by Torsen Ottesjo looks like a snake the way it curves, and the shingles look like scales from a distance. This little house is just 25 square meters (just under 270 square feet!) but there’s lots of room for everything you need. The architect wanted the house to be “difficult to overlook” and he accomplished that without doubt. The building was constructed on site and is free standing – so it can be moved anywhere. Energy efficient and green, this house cost less to … (read more)

3 gifts for the house that add comfort and value

3 gifts for the house that add comfort and value

What if you took all the money you plan to spend on individual gifts for your family and spent the whole chunk of change on something for the home that everyone can enjoy. After all, how many sweaters or portable devices do you need? Installing a stationary generator to get you through the next blackout or central air conditioning to survive another hot summer will improve not only your quality of life but the value of your home as well. … (read more)

Platform 5 Architects Build Book Tower House

So many books, so little time! The book tower in the middle of this house by Platform 5 Architects is nothing short of amazing. Walls of books wrap around a wooden staircase in this North London home. There are so many books, it almost looks like a professional library. Just think of how long you could keep yourself busy, simply lounging around and reading. Sounds like the perfect vacation to us. The bookshelves are made from oak and they hug the staircase, with a landing in the middle … (read more)

Stylish Renovation of a Victorian House

For the renovation of this Victorian family home, Venn Architects decided to create a sympathetic contrast that would emphasize the distinction between the property’s heritage and the new elements that came to update it. The clever use of light, the angles and the spatial division give a layered feel to the inside. The central stairwell dominated the space in a dramatic statement. Though imposing in size and made of metal, it looks light and airy thanks to the empty spaces between the steps which let … (read more)

French Country House Interior Inspiration By Artistic Couple

It is obvious that the homeowners of the Casa Lavoine apartment in Paris have an eye for creating interior spaces that are almost more like a gallery art installation. Here in the Dining Room it is even more apparent with the collage of photos all within white mattes and black frames. The photos are hung is a slightly askew grid system. This slightly “off” pattern stops the wall from looking to regimented and instead offers an organic flow similar to a school of fish under the sea. … (read more)

For some masterpieces, Picasso used common house paint

For some masterpieces, Picasso used common house paint

It turns out Picasso accomplished more with a can of house paint than most. To create some of his masterpieces, Picasso used a high quality enamel house paint because it was glossy and fast drying and didn’t show brush marks like artists’ paints of the time. Picasso had a tempestuous love life, but when it came to house paint, he was brand loyal.

He liked painting with Ripolin, a ready mixed enamel house paint and the first commercially available … (read more)

In 2013, put your house on an energy diet

In 2013, put your house on an energy diet

January is the traditional time for belt-tightening and waist watching. To offset your holiday expenses, you may also want to take a look at ways to trim your bloated utility bill. Adjusting your home heating to your schedule is one way as is switching to more energy-efficient lightbulbs and appliances. Here are some tips from the experts at Consumer Reports and the Department of Energy.

Energy-saving thermostats
Programmable thermostats can trim about $ 180 a year from your … (read more)