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Cozy Home Interior is both Eco and Glam

Robert Kolenik of Kolenik Eco Chic Design was given carte blanche by the homeowners of a residence located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the resulting interior spaces feature a style that he is passionate about – Eco chic luxury with a touch of glamour. The combinations of warm and cold materials, statement lighting and comfortable furnishings showcase how lux glam can be cozy and comfortable all at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a meal or snuggle up on a couch next to this double-sided … (read more)

Manage your home remotely with Iris from Lowe’s

Manage your home remotely with Iris from Lowe’s

At CES 2014, devices that help control and monitor the home are encroaching on the esoteric gadgets that once dominated the electronics show. A case in point is Iris, a cloud-based home management system from Lowe’s that can alert you when your child arrives home from school or enable you to remotely control your thermostat, lights, and other home electronics from a smart phone or tablet.

As explained by Lowe’s, the Iris Hub, which is connected to a home’s broadband … (read more)

High-tech home gear for gadget gurus

High-tech home gear for gadget gurus

Pretty soon we’ll all be monitoring our homes from smart devices that enable us to turn lights on and off, adjust the heat, and start the washing machine or dryer. And then we can put up our feet and watch robots vacuum the floor and clean the windows. Robots and Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, lights, and light switches are just some of the smart appliances that Consumer Reports tested this year. And we have to admit, most of them were pretty cool. Perhaps just the … (read more)

Ocean View Home Embraces Earth – Fire – Air – Water

Overlooking English Bay with vistas of UBC and Vancouver Island, this West Vancouver, BC, Canada home embraces all four elements to create a lifestyle of tranquility within the hustle and bustle of urban life. Designer Claudio Leccacorvi created a warm and inviting retreat for the homeowners that includes this stunning outdoor terrace complete with a large and comfy lounging area, a contemporary linear fireplace wrapped in stone, a spa tub that overlooks an infinity pool and, of course the treed and water viewlines. With fire, air and … (read more)

Casually Elegant Historic Home

Owning a historic home can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. This Riverfront home in the historic Bucks County is a perfect example of how classic details can be as cozy as a cottage – just, in this case – much bigger. The exposed rough-hewn beams and the dropped windows hovering just below the skylights bring in a casualness to the otherwise rigid lines of the library wall. The added feature of cane seats on the chairs adds a country element to the room that … (read more)

8 fall home repairs you can’t afford to ignore

8 fall home repairs you can’t afford to ignore

Fall is the best time to get your house in order because come winter, small problems can turn into expensive nightmares. Our money-saving checklist covers many things, including your front lawn and your furnace. And many of the fix-ups cost little more than some time and effort. The following tips can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Once the winter freeze-and-thaw cycle kicks in, a tiny leak in your roof can turn into a crevasse—and a $ 10,000-plus repair … (read more)

Home Interior Inspirations from Molteni

All the home’s a stage and in this case, what a stage it is. Here, the furniture and accessories are the main event with the treed grounds beyond the wide expanses of windows taking the secondary role, as though they where the matte around a contemporary painting. Here, sitting on an oversized traditionally patterned area rug is a large white sectional facing both into and out of the room. One singular Sapphire pillow positioned next to a chrome and glass end table creates a focal point . … (read more)

Cupertino Cubby Home Filled With Hundreds Of Open Shelves

In the home territory of Apple, a house like this is exactly what you should expect. Called the Net-Zero Energy Modern House, this Klopf-designed home combines sleek style, intuitive functions, and ultra-efficient use of resources. Built with an unobtrusive exterior form on a wooded lot, the home tackles a one-story design limit and the goal of energy neutrality with grace and beauty, resulting in a spectacularly contemporary space that won’t anger neighbors in a neighborhood of low-slung, traditional-style homes.

The Net-Zero House had a number of distinct … (read more)

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