WMF glass teapots with candle flame heat

The glass teapots from WMF use candle flame heat under the kettle bottom to boil your favourite teas to perfection. Glass teapot allows you to observe the tea preparation process. Several WMF glass teapots available with prices ranging from € 90 to € 140.

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V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP washer with heat pump

The first washing machine to feature a heat pump, V-ZUG Adora SLQ WP is likely the world most energy efficient washer of today. The Adora SLQ WP warms the water using a traditional heating element and a highly efficient, energy-saving heat pump. The result is almost negligible energy consumption and ‘A+++ -40%’ energy rating.

You can choose among 3 different EcoHybrid stages – the water can be warmed by the heat pump alone for optimum energy efficiency, largely by the heat pump or in equal parts by the heat pump and heating element. … (read more)

How to use your shades, blinds and curtains to beat the heat

How to use your shades, blinds and curtains to beat the heat

Air conditioning is blissful during the summer but running it non-stop during a heat wave will have you cursing when you get your utility bill. Fortunately, clever use of blinds, curtains and other window treatments can help keep your house cool and your bills in check. The Department of Energy reports that smart management of window coverings can reduce heat gain by up to 77 percent. And as a bonus these same practices can reduce heat loss … (read more)

Frescolino mini fidge with heat function

An excellent mini fridge for drinks and food on the go, Frescolino comes in red or silver high quality gloss finish, measuring just under 29W x 47H x 32D cm. The Swiss made mini frdge has 17 litre capacity and with the convenient carrying handle, is practical at home or on the road.

The fridge keeps interior temperature at up to 20°C below ambient temperature, within +/- 5°C margin. But it can also turn the heat on for up to +65°C. Large door bin, practical shelf divider, ability to charge from 12V … (read more)

Liebherr wine cabinet – three-zone freestanding wine refrigerator

The new Liebherr WS 17800, three-zone freestanding wine cabinet holds 178 bottles and is intended for wine drinkers of all levels. With its beautiful stainless steel surround, the freestanding wine refrigerator stands alone adding an elegant design detail to any dining or recreation room. Ideal for the wine connoisseur who may not have space for a cellar, the third temperature zone allows the perfect beverage storage temperature at 55°F and drinking temperature for whites at 41°F and reds at 64°F. Each zone can be adjusted separately from the other zones to adhere to … (read more)