Giant Horse Head Sculptures Tower over Scottish Skyline

The Kelpies, 30-meter (almost 100 ft) high sculptures by Scottish artist Andrew Scott, stand next to the Forth and Clyde Canal in Falkirk, Scotland. The artist is known for his distinctive models in steel – many of which are horses. The Kelpies are mythical aquatic Celtic horses but that legend is only a starting point – the artist says the work is more of a tribute to the modern work horse that built this part of Scotland, towing barges up and down these canals. At 300 tonnes (that’s … (read more)

The Ceramic Wig Vase Is A Manikin Head Reinterpreted

Wig is a ceramic vase hidden in a ceramic manikin head. The concept of using plant life is not new, but this is the first time is has been done in a chic and modern format. Just think how cool this would look with a grouping of 4 used as a centre piece on a round dining room table, whether the table is 42″ in diameter or greater. The overall effect of the flowers or greenery chosen for the vase will dictate the mood and / or … (read more)

Hitachi vacuum cleaner with multiangle cleaning head

A compact cyclone vacuum with high suction power, the new Hitachi vacuum cleaner CV-SU23V has a wireless infrared remote control system which makes it possible to adjust the power setting via the hand grip. The vacuum features Hitachi remarkable multiangle cleaning head, which rotates vertically at 90° either side and fits into narrow gaps and openings between furniture pieces, enabling you to vacuum dust quickly and thoroughly. The unique head also saves you the effort to move furniture further away from the walls.

The powerful 2.3 kW vacuum comes with easy to clean dust … (read more)

Free Head wall hoods from Oranier

Lito S

There are several nice looking Free Head wall hoods by Oranier with angled glass and steel design. Equipped with remote control, these Kopffrei range hoods offer performance and functionality, in addition to serving as beautiful decoration pieces.


Depending on the model, the Free Head wall hoods from Oranier are available in 90, 75 or 60 cm widths with black or white glass tilted canopy, allowing you a free head movement anywhere around the cooling area. The hoods feature 2 or 3 bright 35 W halogen lamps, 7-segment … (read more)

Before taking on more debt, head off these major home repairs

Before taking on more debt, head off these major home repairs

More shoppers are reaching for the credit cards–total consumer debt ticked up 0.3 percent in the final months of 2012, the first increase in four years, according to the New York Federal Reserve. That may be good news for the economy, but it could spell ruin for homeowners who get hit with an unexpected home repair. So before you rack up any more debt, read our checklist of problems not to be ignored.

Water infiltration: Runaway … (read more)

Bluetooth Shower Head by Kohler with Removable Speaker – Moxie

Bathroom brand Kohler has a new gadget with real moxie! Moxie is a Bluetooth-enabled showerhead with an integrated, portable speaker that transforms the shower into a customizable audio experience. Kohler has found that over 38% of adults in the US have a smartphone, and almost 75% use it in the bathroom, so Kohler tapped into this market and created a showerhead that syncs with your smartphone or mp3 player to deliver water and music. But the music doesn’t stop there. A portable speaker, which is held in place by a strong magnet, … (read more)