Gid Rid of Nasty Hand Odors with Amco Rub Away Bar

The Amco Rub Away Bar is a great kitchen addition to help remove any odor from your hands. It’s really great for use after working with onions, fish, or garlic. We’ve been using one for many months now and can safely say it gets rid of garlic with ease.

Kitchen Contraptions

Breville stand and hand mixer

Compact yet powerful, the 500 Watt Breville VFP040 stand and hand mixer comes with variable speed, intelligent twin motors, digital LCD display, timer, eject button for easy attachment release and array of accessories for every occasion.

The Breville motor senses tougher mixtures and kicks in some extra power for ideal, trouble free results. Equipped with 12 mixer speeds and 2 bowl speeds, this stand and hand mixer perfectly mixes ingredients regardless of the load.

Breville also incorporated a Soft Start feature, to reduce splashing. The mixer is easily detached from the stand, … (read more)

World Maker Faire celebrates all things made by hand

World Maker Faire celebrates all things made by hand

On Sept. 21 and 22, the World Maker Faire descends on New York City. It’s a festival featuring all things made by hand, from handcrafts to sophisticated science projects—a real treat for DIYers. And Consumer Reports is joining the exhibitors this year.

Consumer Reports has a lot in common with the so-called maker movement, and our collective DIY mindset melds well with the spirit of Maker Faire. We test all sorts of products in our labs—vacuum cleaners, (read more)

Hand Drawn Concrete Sinks from Pietra Danzare

Durable and beautiful, these contemporary concrete sinks from Pietra Danzare have a cool industrial-chic edge, coupled with a touch of luxury. Taking shape as a rectangular slab, appearing shaped by water in its shallow, smooth dip into the drain. Customize your color scheme and the texture for a unique look. Or, take personalization to the next level by adding inlays – concrete is a perfect complement to noble materials like glass, natural stone, wood and metal. In spite of their organic aesthetic, these sinks are painstakingly handcrafted, each … (read more)

The best hand and stick vacuums for light-duty cleaning

The best hand and stick vacuums for light-duty cleaning

Hand and stick vacuums are small, lightweight picker-uppers meant for spilled cereal, dirty car interiors, and other messes too small to require lugging out the heavy equipment. They’re also designed for quick surface pickup rather than the deep cleaning that upright and canister vacuums are known for. Consumer Reports recently tested more than 20 small vacuums and found eight top picks that start at $ 35.

Hand vacuums. These small vacuums tend to be lightest and can handle car … (read more)

KitchenAid Pro Line Series cordless hand blender

The in-the-know home chefs can now enjoy the new Pro Line Series cordless hand blender from KitchenAid. The robust cordless hand blender offers more flexibility as a must-have multitasking kitchen tool, that quite migrated from professional kitchens to the homes of the most exacting cooks of today. Designed to handle a range of cooking tasks quickly and portably, the KitchenAid new cordless blender has a powerful light-weight 12V rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides optimal run time with consistent power.

As versatile as corded blenders but easier to maneuver, the Pro LIne cordless blender from … (read more)