Aluminium Red Garden Bench by La Chance

What a fantastic red they’ve created with this aluminum garden bench by La Chance. Designed by Luca Nichetto, his inspiration was Amelia Earhart, who disappeared flying a red Lockheed Vega 5B. The slender bench is shaped to resemble the wings of her plane.The bench is created with aluminum honeycomb, lightweight yet strong enough to withstand the elements. (Aluminum, of course, does not rust.) And it was designed as “a small urban living room” according to Nichetto, who wanted people to be able to face each other while they … (read more)

Galvanized steel garden accessories from French company Laorus

French garden furniture company Laorus presents this cute collection of galvanized, powder coated steel garden accessories hailing from Charleville in the Ardennes, a region of known for its metal work traditions. Charming and practical, this cute collection includes a watering fountain, a basin and a three-legged stool to complement your garden or patio. Whether you’re watering the flowers, picking and washing fresh fruits and veggies, or rinsing off your muddy hands, boots and yard tools, these accessories come in handy for all your botanical needs. Hang the garden shears or … (read more)

Flexible garden hoses get mixed reviews from our readers

Flexible garden hoses get mixed reviews from our readers

When Consumer Reports put three flexible garden hoses to the test, it didn’t treat them like shrinking violets. We kinked, twisted, slashed and froze the hoses and applied a lot of water pressure. For the most part they lived up to their infomercial promises even though the so-called pocket hoses don’t really fit in your pocket. But a number of visitors to our website and Facebook page have taken us to task with complaints that their hoses leaked, burst, broke … (read more)

Flummoxed by phlox? A garden coach can help.

Flummoxed by phlox? A garden coach can help.

There are life coaches and love coaches, career coaches and retirement coaches. Now you can hire a coach to help you cultivate a plan for your home’s landscape. Along with lawn reductions, edible gardens, outdoor rooms, and sustainable practices, garden coaching is one of the trends covered in Consumer Reports’ latest feature on lawn and yard care.

Garden coaches are particularly popular with new homeowners. “Besides identifying plants and suggesting new ones, I’ll also give clients permission to remove plants … (read more)

Cute and Colorful Garden Furniture by Pier 1

It may feel like winter will never end, but trust us – spring is just around the corner! Now is the time to plan your outdoor garden getaway with some cute and colorful garden furniture by Pier 1. Channel the warm weather, the bright colors and summer blooms to transform your yard into an alfresco living area to rival your indoor rooms, both in terms of style and comfort!

Daisy Swingasan Chair

Peacock Swingasan Chair

Whether it’s a cool spot for some R&R or a hotspot for an … (read more)