Gourmet oven by Miele Marine

Miele introduces North America to the new H 5981 BP, a 90cm gourmet oven, which features a plethora of unique features not the least of which is a gigantic 85 liter capacity cavity. The oven gives captains, owners or onboard chefs the room to roast 3 chickens on the accompanying spit, or the capacity to bake an 80cm baguette utilizing humidity with the oven unique Moisture Plus feature. With this oven, you can create all kinds of gourmet dishes while swimming away on your luxury yacht. For baking, humidity helps dough rise better and … (read more)

Kitchen Shapes

The next big step in the kitchen planning process is deciding what shape the kitchen will be, and determining who will use the kitchen and how often.

Although deciding on the shape seems restrictive, it actually narrows down the possibilities and makes the planning easier. The goal on deciding on a shape it to make your kitchen as efficient as possible, with the food preparation, sink and cooking areas close together. A good rule of thumb is to keep a piece of countertop between the sink and cooktop on which to prepare food.

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