Gaggenau new Vario cooling 400 Series

With its lavish LED lighting concept and perfected details, the new Gaggenau Vario cooling 400 Series offers all the benefits of modern storage technology. The 14 cooling appliances in the first Gaggenau modular refrigeration system of fully integrated built-in appliances introduced in 2007 can be combined in countless ways to create a stylish cooling wall. Illuminated by LED lighting, their stainless steel interiors, designed for optimum use of space, are bright and practical. Precision-crafted select materials guarantee the longevity of the appliances. The quietest in their class, practically all models are rated in … (read more)

Gaggenau Vario dishwasher with push-to-open system

Clear lines and lavish surfaces characterize the design of the handle less kitchen, whose cabinets are opened at a touch. This understated design language is matched by the very energy efficient Gaggenau Vario dishwasher DF 460 / 461 with push-to-open system. The dishwasher is completely concealed from view behind the furniture front.

Gaggenau Vario dishwasher, the DF 460 / 461 is the 60cm wide fully integrated dishwasher, available in 2 heights – 81.5cm or 86.5cm for more interior space. Additional models with flexible hinging are available to accommodate longer furniture fronts, wall cabinets or … (read more)

Gaggenau 200 Series built-in appliances

The Gaggenau built-in appliances from 200 Series can be combined and installed flush with your kitchen cabinets. Thanks to their straight lines and pure design, the ovens and espresso machines blend discreetly into any interior. They all come with the innovative control module that features TFT touch display for incredubly easy and intuitive operation.

Just like the Gaggenau 400 Series built-in appliances, the ovens of the 200 Series are designed to provide first grade cooking performance and functionality as well as satisfy various culinary styles and preferences. The Series consists of ovens, combi … (read more)

New Gaggenau 400 Series built-in appliances

The new stainless steel and glass built-in 400 Series from Gaggenau includes multifunction double and single ovens, steam ovens, microwaves, warming drawers and fully automatic espresso machine. In addition to their clean, modern looks, ultimate functionality and clear text 25-language display, these 60 cm or 76 cm wide built-in appliances feature 180° door openings and are designed to retain their autonomy while blending harmoniously with each other – whether you install 3 or even 4 appliances side by side or set them up vertically.

A distinctive feature of the new Gaggenau 400 Series is … (read more)

CDA downdraft extractor

Ideal for eradicating unpleasant grease and steam from your kitchen, the powerful CDA 3D9 black downdraft extractor offers integral lights so you can see what’s cooking on the hob, and 4-speed blower which will do its work rather quietly with no more than 58 dBA of noise. Suitable for extraction with a separate venting kit or recirculation with charcoal filters, the CDA downdraft extractor can go up to 900 m³/h and raise up to 38cm from the countertop surface to eliminate the most persistent odours.

Other main features of this height adjustable extractor include … (read more)

Gaggenau American-style fridge freezer

New Gaggenau American-style fridge freezer, the RS 295 130 has clean straight lines and translates high-end, sculptural impression. The fridge freezer offers an easy to clean touch interface controls, illuminated ice and water dispenser and 3 interior temperature zones with a stepped shelf board for convenient and space saving storage.

The double-wing doors of Gaggenau RS 295 open to reveal a neat, American-style side-by-side layout, providing excellent access to the refrigeration and freezer compartments, with a total usable volume close to 600 litres. You can get ice cubes, crushed ice or pure chilled water. … (read more)

Built-in fully automatic espresso machine by Gaggenau

There is nothing wrong with Gaggenau CM 210 stainless steel espresso maker or CM 200 built-in coffee maker. The latest Gaggenau built-in model, the CM 250 just offers a little bit more of everything, delivering espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button.

This fully automatic espresso machine features a personalisation function, which enables you to program and save 6 individual coffee beverages, allowing for most suitable beverage type, cup size, coffee strength and brewing temperature. A hot water dispenser makes preparation of tea fast and convenient.The machine … (read more)

Gaggenau Single Line with Whitney Toyloy

This is Whitney Toyloy, Miss Switzerland 2008, posing with Gaggenau ovens from the Single Line with Manhattan image. The new line was presented for the first time to the general public yesterday in Lausanne, and is designed by Mathieu Valais Rouiller who prints images on the glass surfaces of Gaggenau appliances, changing the kitchen into a very personal universe. According to Ms. Toyloy, New York represents the freedom and is the cultural mecca of world cinema and art. Among other patterns consumers will find the Manhattan Skyline, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and … (read more)