GRONBACH furniture vacuum cleaner

Quite innovative and so much needed, the under furniture vacuum cleaner from GRONBACH is activated by a brief touch with the broom or you foot. This compact, flat vacuum goes under almost every piece of furniture, easy to install and is always ready to use.

The duration of the suction can be adjusted between 5 and 30 seconds. The dirt goes into readily available, anti-allergen certified Swirl vacuum cleaner bags. The filter bag LED indicator tells you when the vacuum cleaner bag is full. Alternatively, with no allergy sufferers in your household, simply … (read more)

Built-In Furniture and Storage by Breath Architecture

Our friends at Trendir alerted us to this house with many built-in ideas and we just love it. Almost anything that can be built in – is! Built in headboards and lights, built in side boards, shelving – storage is everywhere! And built-ins take up less room than free standing furniture so you can make more use of the available space. The built in corner table (above) makes use of a space that otherwise might only hold a plant. And using the stair wall as cubby holes … (read more)

Paola Navone Designs White Fairy Tale like Interiors to Present Latest Furniture by Baxter

Showcased at this year’s Maison & Objet in Paris, within an ethereal setting fit for an ice princess, is a series of new furnishings by Baxter within a set called “Scenes d’Interieur”. Designed by Paola Navone, the rooms overall imagery is one of a cold winter’s days, with the furnishings oh so inviting and looking incredibly warm and cozy. The deep tufting within the Diana Chester sofa (made with Nabuck Moon leather) just beckons you forward to curl up in it. Adding to this uber cozy expression is … (read more)

Tabletop Team Games: Miniature Furniture as Building Blocks

Wikipedia tells us that, in ancient Rome, “the Latin word ludus (plural ludi) has several meanings: play, game, sport, training.” An appropriate name for Spanish firm Pico Pao to choose for their newest line of table top games: featuring miniature furniture (and ladders). We’ve featured three of this collection: Los Taburetes (The Stools), Las Sillas (The Chairs) and Las Escalares (The Ladders). Each set has its own appeal and design challenges! The finished products, temporary as they are, become sculptural works of art. These games have no rules … (read more)

Multi-level Berlin Loft with Smartly Buit-in Furniture

Designed by Georg Bechter Architecture, this contemporary loft in Berlin is a very interesting project. There are many features that differentiate it from what we would generally call a loft. One of them is the fact that the space develops on many semi levels, in order make the most out of the existing footprint. The entrance is situated a the level of the living room, which is organized around a central white column dressed up in rounded white glossy panels and which integrates the fireplace … (read more)

Brilliant Furniture Collection by Alivar Comes with Beautiful Details

We’ve always liked Alivar’s modern contemporary furniture but now they’ve come up with the new collection aptly named Brilliant. And it is a brilliant — and cool looking — line, the latest and most elegant interpretation of the true contemporary style. Mixing and matching pieces from within the collection – the effects are simply stunning. When you have one piece with such style and presence, you have a showpiece but when you mix and match — your own sense of style and taste emerges. And you can rest … (read more)

Design Yourself Light Weight Furniture by Oruga

What fun it is to be able to design your own lightweight furniture and pick any color(s) you want! As Oruga’s website says, “Oruga is the Coolest Collection” — and they are so right! And not one tree was harmed in the making of this furniture – it contains no wood (and no metal for that matter). There are no loose cushions to be always rearranging either – thanks to this ultra practical design. The material is almost impervious to stains – even a marker will wipe off … (read more)

Organic and Minimalist Solid Wood Furniture by MASHstudios

The organic and minimalist aesthetic of the LAX collection really appeals to us. The lines have purposely been kept so simple to contrast the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to provide a calming effect when you come home and close out the rest of the world. And indeed, it was conceived in the largest city in the United States, and brought to life in the second largest, Los Angeles. And thus the LAX moniker, after the Los Angeles airport. We’ve covered this line of English Walnut furniture(read more)