Loft Design uses Furnishings as Art

While Jayanti Lal’s Toronto, Canada loft is a study of creativity throughout; it is the laptop station that truly exemplifies the concept of furniture as sculptural forms. All white and no conceivable texture except smooth, the only visual interest is within the shapes themselves – but what shapes! The choice of a Her Chair by Fabio Novembre is a fantastic and controversial sculptural statement taken from a human casting and produced using 3D printing back in 2008 when most people hadn’t even heard of such a thing. … (read more)

Estudiobola Furnishings in Vibrant Colours Create Minimalist Wonderland in Sao Paolo Apartment

A young couple created an apartment that was fun and functional for themselves as well as lively and inspirational for their two children aged 2 and 3. Both architects, Flavio Borsato and Tatiana Filgueiras are no strangers to design and they applied their love of simple structure and vibrant statements to their San Paola home located in the district of Moema. Many of the pieces within the apartment are sourced from Estudiobola, the architectural firm that Flavio founded; one such piece pictured here is the Allegro chair with its angled arm … (read more)

HT Lux Ellemme by Sand & Birch

Sand & Birch continues its collaboration with Cantine Ellemme, and after the amazing releases of Winebag and Opale wine cellars – soon become cult objects for collectors – its time to introduce HT Lux, a rigorous and elegant parallelepiped in oak and maple wood, with stainless steel finishes, anti UV glasses, LED system lighting and a capacity for about 70 bottles lodged on removable shelves.

As Winebag and Opale were a reflection about a revolutionary way to consider the wine cellar object and its aesthetic potential, HT Lux design is more … (read more)

120cm range hood with remote motor by ATAG

ATAG has added several new models to its range whose impressive specification match their sophisticated and futuristic appearance. ATAG new 120cm stainless steel range hood is available in the WS1211MX wall mounted and in the ES1211MX island ceiling mounted models. Both offer the choice of an external or attic-style remote motor. Ducted models with external motors will always give superior extraction, and the extraction rates on these excellent hoods are among the most powerful, efficient and quiet on the market – with maximum capacity of up to 1,060 m³/h depending on motor. The 120cm … (read more)

Canister vacuum cleaner with auto floor detection

Miele Earth is the new canister vacuum cleaner from Miele S5 Series. Powerful 1,200 Watt electronically controlled S 5481 Earth, which is already in stores, is an Eco-friendly canister vacuum cleaner with 33-foot operating range, boasting some of the most energy-saving advancements the industry has to offer. Featuring an AutoEco setting that automatically detects flooring type, be it carpet or smooth floor, the Miele vacuum adjusts power for optimal cleaning performance and energy efficiency. While homeowners tend to think that the highest power setting is best for cleaning all surfaces, this is … (read more)

GE’s Appliances for Smaller Homes

One outcome of the declining real estate market has been a move to building and offering smaller homes. It was a trend that had been suspected but earlier this year the statistics were announced that back it up. The average size of homes started in the third quarter of 2008 was 2,438 square feet, down from 2,629 square feet in the second quarter, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.1

Many consumers are looking for smaller digs for a variety of reasons. Some have made a philosophical shift considering a move to a smaller living space … (read more)

Kitchen Accessories

Furniture and accessories add the finishing touches to your kitchen and help to enhance its overall effect. Buying new accessories is the easiest way to change the look of your kitchen.

However, it is important not only to choose items that complement the style and feel of your kitchen but also ones that meet your needs.

Appliances and accessories made of stainless steel are very popular right now, such as blenders and toasters, refrigerators and pro-style oven ranges. To get the all-steel look without the price, look for steel finished appliances and accessories.

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