Freestanding wood stoves from Kuma

The EPA certified freestanding wood stove, Kuma Aspen is a compact efficient wood burner, capable of burning 16 inch logs in its 1.6 ft³ firebox, The Aspen stove uses non-Catalytic Technology and with proper clearances, can be safely installed in an alcove or recessed area in your house.

Offering 9 hour burn time and 79% efficiency, Aspen comfortably heats up to 1,600 square feet. The perfect choice for heating smaller spaces, this freestanding wood stove features a double wall design which naturally circulates warm air about the home. Options include a variable speed blower … (read more)

Philips meat grinder from Viva Collection

This high performance Philips meat grinder comes with efficient and agile motor, capable of mincing almost 3 kg of meat per minute. A combination of its metal feeding screw, powerful knife, hygienic stainless steel, sturdy, robust motor and innovative 2-sided cleaning tool for fast, effortless cleaning make the HR2727/50 Philips meat grinder from Viva Collection a fine addition to your kitchen tool set.

Available in black and silver, the reliable and durable Philips Viva Collection HR2727/50 meat grinder features 5mm and 8mm grinding discs made of hygienic stainless steel, 12mm and 22mm … (read more)

Modern cast iron Keddy stoves from Sweden

The Keddy K800 line of stoves has two models, the K815 and K816 with hot plate on the top and a variable heat output from 3.0 kW to 9.0 kW. These modern cast iron stoves are very stylish and exquisitely crafted in Sweden.

Featuring a minimalist symmetrical shape, a large door window and side glass windows, Keddy modern cast iron stoves offer unobstructed views of the burning fire. The door is machine ground to create tight, long lasting seal. See Westbo Classic cast iron stoves from Sweden and Contura Swedish tile … (read more)

Wooden Christmas Decorations Made from Juniper Tree

These charming Christmas decorations were designed (and handmade) by Romanian artists Zsolt and Réka. Carved from Juniper wood, they are as natural as it gets, treated with only beeswax and linseed oil. Every step is done by hand: design, cutting, polishing. You can be assured you’ve got the most natural tree decoration possible. Aren’t the shapes cute? And the lines in the wood are simply nature at its best. And how apropos – decorating a tree with pieces of a tree, it’s almost a tribute tree. From … (read more)

Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens from American Range

American Range pioneered French door wall oven for residential market and now offers three 30″ Legacy Hybrid double deck wall oven models,
– the AROFFHGE-230 French door gas oven and broiler on top & French door electric oven and broiler on bottom
– the AROSSHGE-230 Chef door gas oven and broiler on top & Chef door electric oven and broiler on bottom
– the AROFSHGE-230 French door gas oven and broiler on top & Chef door electric oven and broiler on bottom

The multifunction Legacy Hybrid double deck wall … (read more)

Spring based nutcrackers from Take2

Naomi nutcracker from Take2 Design of Germany is basically a cone-shaped coil spring with the striker attached inside. You stretch the helical spring, then let go. The striker cracks the shell of the nut you put on the stainless bowl base and it is ready for you. Two hands required. The best part? The spring cone shape keeps loose shells flying around, check the video out …

Lucky Punch is a spring loaded, one-handed nutcracker with the piston inside that cracks the nut shell upon impact. Place the nut in the … (read more)

Freestanding Fireplace Boxer Plus from Harrie Leenders

The Boxer Plus fireplace from Harrie Leenders is available in two styles, the original with silver sides or the Boxer Black with anthracite sides. Both, of course, are the high performing fireplaces this manufacturer is known for. In fact, they claim this is the most advanced fireplace they have ever offered with the benefit of 30 years of research and development behind it. (The starting point for this design is their original ‘Boxer’, unveiled in 1980.) Built from 5mm steel, this model has an 80% efficiency rate and … (read more)

Ideal Kitchen Dining and Living Space Combination idea from Snaidero

All for One and One for All.
This 4 in 1 living space combines kitchen, dining, entertaining, and sleeping all within one public area without compromising the overall design aesthetic of the home. The public zones are all allocated into three sections of the open concept living space with the living area double the size of the food zones while at the same time sharing its square footage with the exposed yet hidden sleeping zone. Disguised as an oversized ottoman the bed fits seamlessly into the overall furniture layout of the entertaining … (read more)