Jennair counter depth, French Door refrigerator

The new Jennair JFC2089BE is a 69″ counter depth, French Door refrigerator with internal ice & water dispenser. Among the highlights of this 19.6 cu. ft. counter depth refrigerator are the TriSensor electronic climate control that offers consistently optimum temperatures thanks to sensors that measure the environment inside and out, and the unique Produce Preserver that keeps fruits and vegetables fresher longer by absorbing the gases that cause produce to over ripen.

The 14.10 cu. ft. refrigerator compartment features 6 door bins, including 2 adjustable gallon-sized, 3 adjustable 2-liter ones and a dairy bin. … (read more)

Ecological Hotel: Bird Nest Cabin Perched in French Forest

In the middle of a 5,000 hectares forest in Lorraine, France, designer Matali Crasset has built four wild houses – including the Nichoir, or Bird Nest house. Billed as an “ecological hotel room” offering basic comforts – it is made from Acacia wood, Douglas Pine and galvanized steel. The surrounding area is called “Le Vent des Forets” (The Wind Forest) and consists of six small village communities, the designer’s group of four of these houses making up one village. Indoor and outdoor living merge together – the Bird … (read more)

Northstar French Door vintage refrigerator

This is a 36″ French Door refrigerator from Northstar. Very cool Energy Star vintage fridge freezer, available in the 1958 Model with 24.8 cu. ft. capacity, auto defrost, interior filtered water dispenser and ice maker, and gallon sized door storage. You can also have it in the 19.8 cu. ft. cabinet-depth 1959 Model.

The new fridge freezer from the Northstar Collection, the vintage French Door refrigerator combines the iconic look of 50s appliances with modern features. It perfectly complements the established Northstar line, offering a solid choice for consumers who want vintage looking, yet … (read more)

Bodum Bistro is a true electric French press

Bodum Bistro is a true electric French press

In the ongoing quest to brew a perfect cup of coffee at home, some manufacturers are making electric coffeemakers that mimic the manual French press machines preferred by many aficionados. But leave it to Bodum—a long-time player in traditional French presses—to come out with a true electric French-press coffeemaker, complete with the popular plunger. We just added it to our Ratings of coffeemakers of this type.

Cleverly, the Bodum Bistro Electric French Press 11462, $ 60, doesn’t automate the entire … (read more)

Coffeemakers with a French twist

Coffeemakers with a French twist

Traditional French-press coffeemakers steep coffee grounds and hot water in a beaker, then use a manual plunger equipped with a filter to trap the grounds at the bottom before pouring. The ritual can make an elegant end to a meal. While purists may scoff, three manufacturers have introduced coffee machines that add automated brewing to variations on this age-old process. Consumer Reports tested all three with varying results and one made our list of top coffeemaker picks.

Of the trio, the iCoffee RCB100-BC12, … (read more)

French Country House Interior Inspiration By Artistic Couple

It is obvious that the homeowners of the Casa Lavoine apartment in Paris have an eye for creating interior spaces that are almost more like a gallery art installation. Here in the Dining Room it is even more apparent with the collage of photos all within white mattes and black frames. The photos are hung is a slightly askew grid system. This slightly “off” pattern stops the wall from looking to regimented and instead offers an organic flow similar to a school of fish under the sea. … (read more)

Galvanized steel garden accessories from French company Laorus

French garden furniture company Laorus presents this cute collection of galvanized, powder coated steel garden accessories hailing from Charleville in the Ardennes, a region of known for its metal work traditions. Charming and practical, this cute collection includes a watering fountain, a basin and a three-legged stool to complement your garden or patio. Whether you’re watering the flowers, picking and washing fresh fruits and veggies, or rinsing off your muddy hands, boots and yard tools, these accessories come in handy for all your botanical needs. Hang the garden shears or … (read more)

GE Café French door refrigerator with hot water dispenser

More details on the new GE Café French door refrigerator, the CFE29TSDSS, that has hot water dispenser. Previously covered in GE French Door refrigerators for 2012, this 29 cubic foot fridge freezer heats up to 10 ounces of filtered water in minutes, using customized 90°F to 185°F temperature range or 4 preprogrammed settings, which are 90°F Keep Warm, 150°F Cocoa, 170°F Tea and 185°F Soup.

GE is betting on the rapidly growing tea popularity in the U.S. The tea industry has steadily increased from under $ 2 billion in 1992 to … (read more)