Frecan Regatta range hood

The latest from Frecan, Regatta remotely controlled range hood features advanced technology and sleek design, bringing you the very best in kitchen ventilation. Regatta comes with a powerful and versatile 4-speed motor, LED lights, and is available in 65cm and 80cm wall and island models. Made in a combination of Methacrylate and stainless steel with 3 interior finishes – purple, white or black.

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Frecan Inart 4M recessed ceiling vent hood

This is a recessed ceiling hood from Frecan, the Inart 4M finished in stainless steel with 8 aluminum filters, 10 LEDs and 4 -speed remotely controlled fan.

Choose from 4 internal and external blowers, with the roof top blower offering extraction rate up to 2,400 m³/h. Advanced perimeter extraction, deferred Off, active carbon filters, easy maintenance. Frecan. Previously, Frecan Paradigma ceiling hood.


Frecan Satelite wall hood

The T-shaped wall hood from Frecan, Satelite combines the effective extraction with innovative design. Satelite is built from 3 stainless steel cubes, mounted at different levels. The new wall hood from Frecan offers aesthetics different from those of the most common hoods, where symmetrical shape has been prevalent for a long while.

Frecan Satelite is equipped with company patented AC System, that optimizes the suction power at the extremes of the hood while balancing the suction efficiency along the whole hood surface. Satelitte also comes with a powerful EBM motor, offering top extraction speed … (read more)

Frecan Paradigma System – innovative modular ceiling vent hoods

The new Paradigma System by Frecan is the industry first modular suction system, developed to simply go unnoticed and stay that way in the kitchen ceiling – thanks to its compactness and ceiling light like aesthetics. The 4-speed perimeter aspiration System allows you to design a beautiful ceiling decor, creating a very functional yet completely unobtrusive light / suction layout.

You can install up to 4 modular ceiling vent hoods with 600 m³/h suction rate each, giving you an incredible 2,400 m³/h in total extraction power. Similar to Frecan Coanda range hood, … (read more)

Frecan Coanda range hood uses aerodynamics effects

The new Coanda is the latest addition to the Frecan wall hood collection, characterized by beautiful futuristic shape and advanced perimeter extraction, featuring unique aerodynamic design which utilizes both, the Venturi and the Coanda effects to create top rated, efficient suction. The hood works in recirculated mode, using an activated carbon filtering system and a removable container for fats and oils for easier cleaning.

Developed by Frecan in collaboration with the European Institute of Design, the hood uses Coanda effect similar to these Gaggenau range hoods. By adding the Venturi effect, … (read more)