Kitchen wall hood from Franke

The elegant wall kitchen hood, Franke Swing FSW 918 comes in two 90cm wide glass canopy models, the white WH XS and the black BK XS. The Franke Swing hood features powerful 3-speed 840 m³/h extraction fan, automatic cut off timer, electronic touch controls and aluminum cassette grease filter.

With this decorative range hood, you have an option of continuous 24 hour ventilation to eliminate persistent odours, filter saturation indicator, remote control, 2 halogen lamps 20W each and 10W LED bar integrated in the front panel. Price is around £2,000. (read more)

Franke Opera combination cooktop

This combination cooktop from Franke Opera Series features radiant ceramic cooking zone and versatile gas burners with integrated electronic ignition, individual cast iron grates and safety valves. You will get auxiliary 1.0 kW, dual .70 kW / 2.6 kW, semi rapid 1.75 kW, rapid 3.3 kW burners and elongated 2.0 kW electric element. The 90cm wide combination cooktop sells for € 630.

4 burner gas cooktop by Franke

Sleek in-line 4 burner gas cooktop from Franke with individual grates, removable magnetic heat shield and convenient control knobs. 4 versatile burners include auxiliar 1.0 kW, semi rapid 1.75 kW, rapid 3.0 kW and triple crown 3.6 kW. Black or white glass. Franke.

Decorative range hoods from Franke

Aesthetics is a key element in the choice of the hood. Franke decorative range hoods indeed are vital elements of strong aesthetic connotation of many modern European kitchens. They designed to meet both, functional and decorative requirements of the most demanding consumers. Clean and elegant forms, perfect finish, steel and glass accentuate your refined taste. Key features of these decorative range hoods include 3-speed + intensive blower, up to 820 m³/h extraction rate, digital display with touch control and timer, 24-hour continuous extraction, aluminum cassette filters, 20 watt halogen lights. Franke.

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Franke Neptune 1200 gas hob

Franke Neptune 1200 is the new gas hob that combines strong aesthetic impact, design, functionality and elegance. Featuring 4-in-line burners with convenient frontal controls, the narrow gas cooktop provides ergonomic solution when space or configuration is an issue. Neptune 1200 gas hob also has the more potent burners on the ends, enabling you to use the largest pots and pans in the same time. The dual triple crown burner on the left offers 3.8 kW and its flame can be independently adjusted only on the inner ring or on the whole burner. The … (read more)

Franke cooker island hood

This 60cm island hood, Moonlight offers powerful 830 m³/h suction force, produced by versatile 4-speed blower with intensive option. Made of high quality stainless steel and equipped with automatic cut-off timer, perimetric extraction system and filter saturation indicator, Franke cooker island hood is ideal for a smaller kitchen with busy chef. Continuous 24-hour ventilation, digital display, 4 halogen lights 20 watt each, comfort light, dishwasher-safe filters, optional remote control. 60cm wide Moonlight island hood sells for approximately £1,500. Previously, Kubus Franke hoods.

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Franke range hood

The modern looking Gala combines stainless steel cylinder with white square glass canopy, giving your kitchen contemporary look and plenty of suction power. This Franke range hood comes 4-speed motor that provides 800 m³/h extraction rate to keep air clean from unwanted fumes and odours. 24-hour ventilation, electronic control with digital display, automatic cut-off timer, filter saturation indicator, perimetric extraction, washable filters, optional remote control, four 20-watt halogen lamps with dimmer and four 9 watt ambient lights. Gala works in ducted or recirculated mode. Price for this Franke range hood is around … (read more)

Stainless steel vent hood

Sleek stainless steel vent hood, Franke Quadra brings the state of the art performance, low profile electronic controls, halogen lighting, quiet operation and optional wireless remote control. Part of the new collection, this stainless steel hood helps achieve the perfect balance of style and practicality. 90cm wide Quadra comes with 4-speed plus intensive level motor, with top suction force of 950 m³/h. Other vent hood features include continuous 24-hour ventilation, digital display, automatic cut-off timer, filter saturation indicator, perimetric extraction, washable filters and three 20-watt halogen lamps with dimmer. Noise level does … (read more)