Simple Outdoor Floor or Hanging Lamps by Martinelli

There is nothing more peaceful then sitting outside on a dark night with the surrounding landscape lit up by the soft glow of simple but beautiful light sources. Trilly is the essence of that description with its clean conical shape and subtle handle void. The translucence of the fixture glows brightly without creating glare and the unexpected orange cable is just the perfect touch of whimsy. The clean lines of Trinity make it the perfect addition to a roof top deck, apartment balcony, poolside terrace, landscaped backyard or … (read more)

4 robotic cleaners take to the floor

4 robotic cleaners take to the floor

Robots were buzzing all over the 2014 International CES, especially in the diminutive form of robotic vacuums, new hard-floor scrubbers, and models that can handle both tasks. All work similarly in that they run on battery power, do their jobs, and return to the charger when almost out of power. Here’s a roundup of models we saw:

iRobot Scooba 450
As the Roomba 760 we tested is intended for carpets and bare floors, the iRobot Scooba 450 (above) dives … (read more)

Ballerina Light Shade: Floor Lamps by Rakumba

Originally created as a private commission for ANZ Private Banking, these modern floor lamps are based on the Ballerina Lampshade concept. Don’t they just look like a dancer twirling on the dance floor? Designed by Simone LeAmon, these lights are a truly contemporary upgrade to the original iconic inspiration. The frills and twists are borrowed from the original late 19th century creation.The legs of this lamp are artfully positioned and conjure up the delicate limbs of a dancer – on pirouette. It’s available in two styles: Prima Ballerina … (read more)

Two Story Apartment with a Glass Floor in Paris

Situated in Place de la Madeleine in Paris, this amazing apartment is a really rare thing to find. Ateliers Michael Herman have done an incredible job in bringing back the 200 year-old structure of the building while transforming the place in a complementary living space for a young family. The apartment occupies the top two floors of a residence that used to be made up by 12 maids’ rooms. With archaeological precision, the original limestone walls and oak beams have been brought back to life, and combined with modern … (read more)

Imposing Contemporary Wooden Floor Lamp from Roche Bobois

Part of Les Contemporains collection, Accastillage is yet another statement floor lamp from well-known French brand Roche Bobois. Standing on a round stainless steel base, the walnut structure has an organic look. The shape reminds somehow of that of a fishing cane, with the visible red electric cord on which hangs the blown glass lamp shade. The color of the lamp shade is the only variable part of the lamp, and it comes in white or red. With its 205 cm tall, this lamp will dominate … (read more)

Oversized Floor Lamp Diana by Delightfull: the next iconic design?

We just love the modern, large-scale take on this classic desk lamp from Portuguese company Delightfull. The new Diana Floor XL lamp takes this traditional tabletop lamp design and kicks it up a notch in terms of its size, its sleek subtleties and its bold color palette. And with a motto like “Think Big,” what else would you expect? This oversized floor lamp measures 90.5 inches tall, 51.2 inches wide and 59 inches deep, making a big style statement in any room. The body boasts a chrome or gold plated frame with hinges … (read more)

Wood Like Porcelain Floor Tile by Atlas Concorde

Full body porcelain floor tile made to look just like wood is what Etic by Atlas Concorde is all about. How wonderful! All the benefits of tile with the charm and warmth of wood – it’s a great combination and a very attractive concept. Etic tiles are appropriate for residential, commercial and outdoor application. The tiles are available in a matt finish, recommended for interiors, and a textured finish preferable for outdoor use. The collection embodies seven types of wood looks so you can set the mood you’re looking for – rustic, elegant, … (read more)