Gallery Inspired NY Apartment with Artistic and Fun Flair

Leave it to New York to host some of the coolest when it comes to apartments, this contemporary loft by Indi Interiors included. The bright white walls remind us of a gallery; a blank slate for the vibrant art collection – vibrant being a word we use to describe both its color palette and its splashy subjects. The eclectic furniture selections range from clean and contemporary, to lush and plush velvet in the richest of hues – a true royal blue that screams majestic. The … (read more)

Luxury Russian Design Apartment with Contemporary Flair

This medium size Russian family apartment is a nice demonstration of how to make the most out of design furniture and fixtures, precious materials and technology. The general preference throughout the apartment is for glossy and shiny finishes. The floor in the open area formed by the kitchen and the living room the floor in in glossy white epoxy resin. The main bedroom and the small study share the same flooring, whereas the in second bedroom and in the child’s room the designers and owners … (read more)