Chazelles wood metal fireplaces

Chazelles Frog

The wood burning, modern wall mounted fireplaces from Chazelles are made of high quality metal and offer sweeping views of roaring flames.

Chazelles Kylen

Though not overly efficient, these wall fireplaces bring a clean minimalist look and are perfectly suited for smaller contemporary living spaces. Chazelles.

Chazelles Vinkle


Ortal modern gas stoves and fireplaces

Made by Israeli based Ortal, these modern Eco friendly gas stoves and fireplaces come with high efficiency ratings and contemporary designs, while providing plenty of the radiant heat to keep your dwelling warm. The contemporary fireplaces use direct vent technology, electronic ignition and require little maintenance.

Ortal offers 60 modern fireplace and stove models for you to choose from, in an array of sizes and designs to suit every architectural need, integrating heat into the aesthetics of life. Ortal USA.


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Wood burning fireplaces by Seguin JC Bordelet

Modern wood burning fireplaces crafted from metal and glass for every taste and decor. JC Bordelet.

Contemporary cast iron wood burning stove
JC Bordelet Irena metal fireplace
JC Bordelet metal fireplaces – Savanna by Paco Rabanne