Bosch range cookers from 700 Series

The 700 Series full stainless steel Evolution range, HGS7282UC is the most expensive among Bosch range cookers available in the US. For a suggested $2,200 price you will get professional styling, performance and functionality. The 4-burner gas rangetop comes with Touch & Turn controls, continuous grates and has 16,000 BTU, 12,500 BTU, 9,100 BTU and 5,500 BTU sealed burners. Then there are 400 BTU OptiSim that allows you to gently simmer delicate sauces and PowerSim for quick heating with large flame or gentle simmering with a diffuser cap.

The full width convection assisted self … (read more)

Flora air cleaning center

I am not quite sure if the nice looking reservoir with plants under something like 225 blue LEDs is for decor only, or you can grow some fresh produce in the Homeier Flora air cleaning center. This stainless steel ionization hood gives practically sterile air and can be installed in recirculating mode only. Comes with 440 m³/h motor that has run-on function with 4 delay times – 10, 20, 30 and 40 minutes. Optional timer for reservoir light and optional remote control. For now, the Flora seems to be only available in a … (read more)

iChef+ oven by Gorenje

At Living Kitchen 2011, Gorenje has showcased its unique iChef+ oven module with a large colour display that allows selecting the functions simply by sliding your finger across the screen. A global innovation, iChef+ features the patent-protected most powerful computer control system ever used in an oven, helping consumers to achieve excellent cooking results. First Gorenje+ ovens equipped with the unique iChef+ module will come to the European markets this spring.

Main menu

Initially, the display will indicate time and date. Upon your touch, the main menu will appear to … (read more)

PerfektFit AEG-Electrolux side by side refrigerators

The German market demand for side by side refrigerators grew by 47% from 2005 to 2009. That is likely why, AEG-Electrolux brought its popular side by side wine cooler fridge freezer and other side by side refrigerators in Germany as a part of its PerfectFit Collection. The large capacity models are only 60cm deep, making them ideal for European kitchens.

The energy efficient PerfektFit refrigerators feature either curved or 3D door design giving you choices to complement any kitchen style, ice and water dispenser, adjustable shelves, specially designed self-closing door hinges, anti-finger … (read more)

Contemporary fan – Stadler Form Q steel fan

This contemporary fan is made of stainless steel and aluminium for maximum solidity, inimitable look and unmatched performance. Stadler Form Q steel fan comes with 3 speeds and sound levels which never exceed 54 dBA. The elegant contemporary fan is not available in the US, but we found one for you, albeit in 220 V European version so you will need an adapter. Base price is $187 and it can be in your hands in 7 working days. Eva Longoria seems to like it.

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Stadler Form Viktor air purifier

Compact and versatile are two words that come to mind when you see the Stadler Form Viktor air purifier. Available in black and white, Viktor keeps your home air pure and crisp. This efficient air purifier is thoroughly tested by the leading European allergy and air quality labs, and is ideal for reducing household allergens including smoke, dander and pollen. Quiet, powerful and modern, like the other Stadler Form air purifiers, Viktor helps you live a healthier life with fewer allergies.

Normal air in our homes contains fine dust, pollen, odours, viruses and bacteria. … (read more)

Laundry energy ratings – the difference between ‘A+’ and ‘A-x%’

With certain washing and drying machines being rated as ‘A-40%’, for example, instead of the usual ‘A++’ there is some confusion. As of now, the actual Energy Label on washers and dryers has not yet changed, and you will still see only ‘B’, ‘A’, ‘A+’ and so on. But appliance brochures, web sites and point of sale cards nowadays often display the ‘A-x%’ rating, adopted by some but not all manufacturers. Many European manufacturers are still sticking to ‘A’, ‘A+’ or ‘A++’ while communicating with journalists and consumers. However, the efficiency is getting too efficient … (read more)

Decorative range hoods from Franke

Aesthetics is a key element in the choice of the hood. Franke decorative range hoods indeed are vital elements of strong aesthetic connotation of many modern European kitchens. They designed to meet both, functional and decorative requirements of the most demanding consumers. Clean and elegant forms, perfect finish, steel and glass accentuate your refined taste. Key features of these decorative range hoods include 3-speed + intensive blower, up to 820 m³/h extraction rate, digital display with touch control and timer, 24-hour continuous extraction, aluminum cassette filters, 20 watt halogen lights. Franke.

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