Electrolux speeds up cooking and cleaning times

Electrolux speeds up cooking and cleaning times

One of the major themes at Design and Construction Week is appliances that save time for busy consumers. Electrolux showed us a number of new appliances including ovens that preheat faster, cooktops that speed water to a boil and dishwashers, washers, and dryers with shorter cycles.

The Electrolux dishwasher on display has a 30-minute quick cycle that claims to get dishes just as clean as a normal cycle. The company says that consumers have been clamoring for shorter wash times. Consumer Reports … (read more)

Electrolux innovations can make you a better cook

Electrolux innovations can make you a better cook

Electrolux had a dream kitchen at Design and Construction Week featuring all the fancy professional appliances it markets to restaurants and commercial kitchens. Called Grand Cuisine the line includes steam ovens, induction cooktops, high-powered gas brass burners, a vacuum sealer, blast chiller, and a griddle. Electrolux is trying to gauge consumer interest in these technologies, which cook foods faster, seal in more of the natural juices and can make a home chef a better cook.

Currently, in Consumer Reports’ cooking … (read more)

Electrolux Inspiration Range compact dishwasher

The compact dishwasher from Electrolux Inspiration Range has a distinctive, modern look. This premium dishwasher requires little space, while its clean architectural lines, unique material and sleek handle gives it an iconic look that fits in any contemporary kitchen.

Available in stylish glossy white, black or red, Electrolux Inspiration Range compact dishwasher comes with the intuitive LED interface, discreetly hidden on the upper edge of the door. In spite of its compact design, you have 6 full settings and 6 auto programs activated at the push of a button. Electrolux.

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Electrolux Design Lab 2013 contest winner

The winner is Mab, an automated cleaning system consisting of hundreds of flying mini-robots, envisioned by Adrian Perez Zapata from Colombia.

Inspired by the controlled flight of bees pollinating a flower, Mab flying robots clean surfaces by touching them with a drop of water. Mab scans the house, determine the areas to clean and sends the robots flying. Electrolux. Previously, Electrolux Design Lab 2013 contest finalists.


Electrolux Sous Vide cooking system

The aspiring home chefs will soon be able to achieve restaurant quality flavors and tastes with the help of a professional Sous Vide cooking technique. The new built-in Electrolux combi-steam oven and vacuum sealer will facilitate at-home Sous Vide cooking – a steam cooking technique, widely used for the preparation of food in some of the best restaurants around the world.

The new Electrolux combi steam oven and vacuum sealing drawer are expected in European stores within several weeks. Sous Vide cooking is essentially a 2-part process. Dishes are vacuum sealed, then being … (read more)

Electrolux tops list of recommended wine chillers

Electrolux tops list of recommended wine chillers

Not everyone is prepared to spend more than $ 1,500 on a wine chiller. But if you’re into the finest wines, chances are you’ll also want the best storage money can buy. Based on Consumer Reports’ tests of more than a dozen models, that distinction belongs to the Electrolux IQ-Touch EI24WC65GS, which outscored the competition by a sizable margin.

The $ 1,530 Electrolux IQ-Touch is an undercounter wine chiller, meaning it’s designed to be built into your … (read more)

Electrolux Poggenpohl Gourmet Range

Electrolux is launching a new range of super premium kitchen appliances to be offered with Poggenpohl Goldreif kitchens, positioning Electrolux as the preferred partner of the Poggenpohl Group. The new Electrolux Gourmet Range will be made available as a built-in component of Goldreif kitchens, a brand which is being reintroduced by Poggenpohl this autumn. Tested by professional chefs, the Electrolux Gourmet Range complements the company ultra-luxury Electrolux Grand Cuisine Appliances and the premium Inspiration Range.

The Electrolux Gourmet Range represents company first offering within the super premium segment. Even more significant, … (read more)

Electrolux Wing range hood from Inspiration Range

The new Electrolux Wing range hood comes equipped with quiet and efficient brushless motor, automatic sensors, perimeter aspiration and dimmable LED lighting. Belonging to Electrolux Inspiration Range of modern, efficient kitchen appliances, the Wing has clean architectural lines and is inspired by technology that was originally developed for professional kitchen.

The automatic smoke and vapor sensor measures the air in your kitchen and automatically sets its own speed in response to the steam generated while cooking. And its perfect smoke removal will whisk away smoke through the depression created along the edge of the … (read more)