Rommelsbacher electric stand grill

This Rommelsbacher electric stand grill, the BBQ 2004/S is a traditional stand grill that uses integrated 2.2 kW heating element underneath its massive, 40 cm detachable grill plate with ribbed and flat grilling zone. You have a precise temperature regulation, clean, safe and fast heating, and beautifully grilled food. The Rommelsbacher electric stand grill is perfect for those who like grilling without smoke, flareups and worries where to throw unburned charcoal.

Whether usual, direct grill marks on the open grill or indirect grilling with closed cover, the electric stand grill does everything perfectly … (read more)

Bodum Bistro is a true electric French press

Bodum Bistro is a true electric French press

In the ongoing quest to brew a perfect cup of coffee at home, some manufacturers are making electric coffeemakers that mimic the manual French press machines preferred by many aficionados. But leave it to Bodum—a long-time player in traditional French presses—to come out with a true electric French-press coffeemaker, complete with the popular plunger. We just added it to our Ratings of coffeemakers of this type.

Cleverly, the Bodum Bistro Electric French Press 11462, $ 60, doesn’t automate the entire … (read more)

Rommelsbacher electric fondue set

The Rommelsbacher electric fondue F 400 E is a safer and eco friendlier alternative to the burner operated fondue pots. This modern fondue set combines the advantages presented by an electric heating system with sophisticated technology and superior design.

Suitable for each kind of fondue, the F 400 E comes with Rommelsbacher step less temperature control for easy operation and the high quality, cast iron designer pan, equipped with a rubber-coated handle. Its candle light bulb fitted with see through splash guard, provides for an atmospheric and cozy ambience, making sure you will enjoy … (read more)

ESSE EL 13Amp electric cooker

ESSE has been making some pretty cool stoves, like the log burning ESSE 990 range cooker or the multifuel Ironheart. The latest ESSE EL 13Amp is a beautiful, traditionally styled electric range with modern functionality and advanced controls, offering the perfect combination of ESSE iconic style and high end, energy efficient performance.

ESSE EL 13AMP features 2 ovens, a full-width grill, cast iron hotplate, induction zone and a plate-warming cupboard. Top and bottom ovens feature patent pending surround elements which give even oven temperatures and allow cooking on directly on the … (read more)

Honda mower with self-charging electric start cuts great too

Honda mower with self-charging electric start cuts great too

One of the frustrations of mowing the lawn is getting the dang mower to start. So when Honda introduced a nifty self-charging electric start feature on its self-propelled Honda HRR2169VLA it was a welcome improvement. Especially for homeowners who’ve been met with a recalcitrant mower at the beginning of mowing season when the weather is often too cold for the starter’s battery to charge properly.

Mimicking a car’s alternator, the battery charges as you mow. This keeps the … (read more)

Milder temperatures mean lower electric bills this summer

Milder temperatures mean lower electric bills this summer

With milder weather forecast for June, July and August, the U.S. Energy Information Administration is predicting that Americans will be paying less for electricity this summer than last year. But don’t start celebrating yet. The savings will be only $ 10 on average, enough for a few ice cream cones or cold beers. The average homeowner will still pay $ 395 to keep the lights on and air conditioning running. To cut costs, follow these tips from our experts.

Switch lightbulbs.(read more)

AdHoc Tropica electric pepper mill

The colorful electric salt and pepper mill is available in bright fruity colours. Get yours in black and white like the inner part of a dragon fruit, orange like a peeled papaya, green like a kiwi or red like a ripe pomegranate.

This comfortable electric mill features smart closing mechanism to avoid crumbs on the work surface. And its LEDs ensure that you never lose the sight on the essentials. Comes with the high-efficiency adjustable ceramic grinder continuously and 6 long lasting alkaline batteries. Price € 30. AdHoc.

AdHoc Parmesan … (read more)

30″ electric range cooker from Dacor

Combining the convenience of an all-electric cooking range with innovative quality and unbeatable value for a superior cooking experience, Dacor Distinctive 30″ electric range cooker comes in 4 stainless steel variants,
– DR30E freestanding range with Epicure style handle with chrome trim and 6″ back guard with full depth side panels
– DR30EI slide-in range with Epicure style handle with chrome trim and 3.25″ side panels
– DR30EF freestanding range with flush handle and 6″ back guard with full depth side panels
– DR30EIF slide-in range with flush handle and … (read more)