Mason Jar Christmas Centerpiece – 16 Modern Easy DIY Ideas

Mason jars really are one of the most versatile items out there – and great fun to play with around the holidays. Any holiday, really, but we’re concentrating on Christmas today. A little ingenuity and scavenging around what you’ve already got – and you can probably make something pretty special for the center of the table. From elegant lights to whimsical dioramas, the only limit is your imagination. Fill those Mason Jars with Holiday Cheer and when December 26 rolls around, start thinking about how … (read more)

Jupiter 3-in-1 Juicepresso

The Jupiter 3-in-1 Juicepresso with Smart Extraction System epitomizes the latest generation of juicers – easy to use, easy to clean and more than enough power for some serious juicing.

Jupiter 3-in-1 Juicepresso presses very gently and quietly at low speed of only 40 revolutions per minute. So no heat is released with this slow juicer, and the cell structure of the fruits or vegetable remains intact, preserving all valuable vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Even harder fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, soybeans and nuts will be turned into fresh, healthy juices. See also … (read more)

5 easy appliance fixes you can do yourself

5 easy appliance fixes you can do yourself

In Consumer Reports recent report “Repair or replace,” we advise consumers not to spend more than 50 percent of the cost of a new item to repair the old one. But not every problem needs a repair technician. Here are five easy fixes you can do yourself for as little as $ 2.

Refrigerators. If it seems to run constantly, dirt and debris might be coating the condenser coil. (See the manual for the location.)
Cost: Up to $ … (read more)

5 easy holiday spruce-ups you can do now

5 easy holiday spruce-ups you can do now

With company coming for the holidays, it’s not too early to start sprucing up. Concentrate on the areas of the house that’ll be used by your company—the living room, dining room, and powder room. You can always shut the bedroom doors. Here are five easy projects that’ll wow your guests without hurting your budget.

Make your front door welcoming
Replacing or repainting your entry door is one of the easiest and most effective ways to spruce up your house. To … (read more)

Russell Hobbs Easy toaster

The Russell Hobbs Easy toaster has a flat back, so it fits perfectly against kitchen walls. Its Keep Warm pockets utilize the heat from the toasting element to keep your toast warm, while the rest of the breakfast still cooks.

Made of high-quality, durable plastic, the 1.0 kW Russell Hobbs Easy toaster features 6 adjustable browning levels, Keep Warm, Defrost and Cancel functions, removable crumb tray, toast lift, bun warmer, illuminated carriage lever, indicator light and cord storage. Suitable for all types of bread, the Easy toaster sells for € 40. Russell … (read more)

5 easy kitchen updates for $500 or less

5 easy kitchen updates for $ 500 or less

Give cabinets a fresh face
Instead of replacing cabinets that are plumb, square, and sturdy, update them for a fraction of the price. You have two options: refacing, which offers more choices for more money, and refinishing, which is more work but costs less. Refacing involves adding new “skins” to cabinets and costs $ 150 to $ 300 per door opening, including materials and installation. Or, refresh cabinets with a new coat of paint. Clean them with a degreasing … (read more)

Smooth retro-style armchair from de Sede

Taking the term “easy chair” to a new level of smooth, the DS-277 armchair from Switzerland’s de Sede Products is something straight from the Mad Men era, but with a more modern edge. Featuring a strong, masculine style reminiscent of dad’s den or office furniture, this sweet retro-inspired seat designed by Christian Werner features a high back and a structured seat upholstered in luxe leather, all set atop a slim, star-shaped base finished in polished chrome. Adding comfort to its cool look, the chair is infinitely adaptable … (read more)

Coffeemakers that make it easy to jumpstart your morning

Coffeemakers that make it easy to jumpstart your morning

For some coffee drinkers, there are two states of existence—either “I have coffee” or “I need coffee.” If you’re someone who wants a coffeemaker without all the bells and whistles, especially first thing in the morning, two of the five drip coffeemakers we’ve just added to our coffeemaker Ratings are for you.

Both the $ 20 Better Chef 91575783M and the $ 35 Bella Dots Collection 12-cup dispense with the how and when and get right to … (read more)