Dyson Hard DC 56 and Swiffer Sweeper Vac review

Dyson Hard DC 56 and Swiffer Sweeper Vac review

Hybrid sweeper vacs are meant for people who want something more out of the traditional Swifferlike cleaning tool. Consumer Reports’ tests show the Swiffer Sweeper/Vac and Dyson Hard DC56 at their best—and worst. Our video, below, demonstrates how we test not only how well the two models clean up the usual kitchen spills but also whether their built-in cordless vacuums can pick up dust and spilled cereal.

In our testing so far, we mostly liked how the $ 330 Dyson … (read more)

Dyson DC50 – Dyson smallest upright vacuum cleaner

The bagless DC50 vacuum from Dyson weighs just under 12 pounds and performs like a full size Dyson upright vacuum. And like the Dyson DC25 and DC24 All Floor cleaners, the Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Complete is an upright vacuum cleaner designed for every floor type.

The DC50 Multi Floor Complete Dyson brings 4 key cleaner head technologies, making it the most advanced vacuum yet. The result is markedly increased dirt pick-up across all floor surfaces as the cleaner head adjusts automatically to different floor types, and the brush bar contains carbon … (read more)