New energy-saving 230V Cook-N-Dine teppan grills

CDS-Design of Munich, Germany, builds their ultra-slim built-in teppan grills with the environment in mind. These eye-catching teppanyaki griddles are made from 60-80% reclaimed and recycled German stainless steel. New energy-saving 230V models draw a mere 7.8 AMP on high. CND teppanyaki grills can be installed into any type of counter material, indoors and outdoors, while eating up less than 2 inch cabinet space height.

Cook-N-Dine, now in its eighth year since the US-launch of the world-wide patented teppanyaki grill from Germany, is offering energy-saving 230 Volt models. Not only do they combine … (read more)

Lift up doors by Barazza

You can get a lift up door for Barazza Velvet ovens to achieve minimalist styling in your kitchen. Hinged so that it glides smoothly up, the lift-up door comes in black, mirror, white and stainless steel to match the finish of the existing Velvet oven. Other built-in Barazza ovens also have matching lift doors available. Previously, B_Free modular hobs.

Indoor barbecue grills – new Miele CombiSet grills

Miele is bringing the great outdoors straight to your homes with new indoor barbecue grills from its CombiSet line. The indoor CombiSet grills will be available in 12″ or 15″ widths and offer dual heating zones with separate controls, so searing, cooking or warming can be done simultaneously. You can sear on the front zone while slowly cook or warm on the rear of your grill. Cast iron grates and lava rocks evenly distribute heat to offer an exceptional outdoor grilling experience with the convenience of cooking inside.

The new electric indoor barbecue … (read more)

Steam cleaner – the new Montiss Steam Supreme

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Montiss introduces a new top of the range steam cleaner, the Steam Supreme. While most steam cleaners produce an average of 3.0 bar steam pressure, the Steam Supreme has a steam pressure of 4.0 bar, making it one of the most powerful cleaners of its kind. The unique, eye-catching design features adjustable steam pressure and a built-in compartment for accessories. The Steam Supreme is a very versatile household cleaners as it is suitable to clean and disinfect any type of floor and remove the most stubborn dirt … (read more)

Miele Design Worlds harmonise with various interior designs and kitchen trends

Open-plan kitchens are a major trend, increasingly merging with dining and living areas. This insight is the result of a study which Miele conducted together with the architects Graft and Associates. The disappearance of walls between areas of the home poses specific challenges to built-in appliances – in order to blend in, appliances must perfectly combine form and function. That this is possible is shown quite vividly by the Miele Design Worlds of Ice, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Brilliant White Plus and Black.

The key to integration with furniture is that the fronts of Miele appliances … (read more)

Sideros wood burning stoves

Tiffany Decorata

The Tiffany Decorata has large grate door for better flame view and easier wood loading. This wood burning stove also features a new and original design and is fitted with die-cast chrome-plated aluminium handles which highlight the contemporary and modern line. Made entirely of cast-iron, enamelled at 800°C for durability and performance. 8.0 kW maximum heat output, 73% burning efficiency.

Baby Erika

Baby Erika is compact, harmonious and functional stove with 8.0 kW high heat output and double combustion in order to guarantee higher efficiency and lower wood consumption. … (read more)

Log burning range cooker – Esse 990WN

The 990WN is the new log burning range cooker with that classic style from 1930s. It keeps all the benefits and features of the smaller WN, and despite its 99 cm width still measures 60cm deep and 90cm high. What is more, the 990WN log burning range can be specified as a solid fuel cooker, or solid fuel cooker with domestic hot water boiler and easily converted from wood to solid fuel and vice versa. And this cooker is large, offering a dog-bone hob top which accommodates at least 6 pans, spacious 48-litre … (read more)

Gaggenau American-style fridge freezer

New Gaggenau American-style fridge freezer, the RS 295 130 has clean straight lines and translates high-end, sculptural impression. The fridge freezer offers an easy to clean touch interface controls, illuminated ice and water dispenser and 3 interior temperature zones with a stepped shelf board for convenient and space saving storage.

The double-wing doors of Gaggenau RS 295 open to reveal a neat, American-style side-by-side layout, providing excellent access to the refrigeration and freezer compartments, with a total usable volume close to 600 litres. You can get ice cubes, crushed ice or pure chilled water. … (read more)