Custom Swimming Pool by Cipriano Landscape Design: beyond amazing!

When a customer in Bedford, New York, USA, approached Cipriano Landscape Design with the idea of crafting a pool to reflect his love of violins – specifically the Stradivarius Violin, he was excited to discover that his dream could become a reality. With the knowledge that an exact replica with all of its detail and intricacies could and would become a reality, the client began discussions with the designers to formalize a plan that would become one of the most complex pool designs and installations … (read more)

Loft Design uses Furnishings as Art

While Jayanti Lal’s Toronto, Canada loft is a study of creativity throughout; it is the laptop station that truly exemplifies the concept of furniture as sculptural forms. All white and no conceivable texture except smooth, the only visual interest is within the shapes themselves – but what shapes! The choice of a Her Chair by Fabio Novembre is a fantastic and controversial sculptural statement taken from a human casting and produced using 3D printing back in 2008 when most people hadn’t even heard of such a thing. … (read more)

DeLonghi tweaks a winning coffeemaker design

DeLonghi tweaks a winning coffeemaker design

The DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto line has dominated our single-serve coffeemaker Ratings for years. But in our tests of the $ 150 DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Circolo and the $ 100 DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Piccolo EDG200T, we’ve had mixed feelings about the joystick control. On the one hand it seemed to speed brewing and gave us the flexibility to put in only as much water as we wanted. But on the other hand, all that freedom lost these units points … (read more)

Eclectic Seaside House Design

There is a unwritten rule which says that Mediterranean houses must be flat-roofed and painted white. This holiday house, designed by Codo a Codo Arquitectura is no exception to the rule. The house has two floors, out of which the ground floor is dedicated to the social area and the upstairs to the private area. The house is painted white on the outside
and the inside, and the floors are covered with beige-grey tiles for a cool feeling in the summer. The floor treatment … (read more)

Bookcase Door Design by DeForest Architects

Talk about living in an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Isn’t this secret bookcase door incredible? You’d never know it was there. Built as part of a mountain retreat, it uses space in a very clever fashion. Who would think to turn a door into bookcase storage? And when it’s closed it gives the room a lot more style than a regular door would. The lines of the wood panels on the wall are horizontal – and run with the lines in the bookcase. The whole installation is seamless … (read more)

Scandinavian Design Ideas For Contemporary Lifestyles by Muuto

Split Table and Nerd Chairs Create Cozy Dining Zone

Almost a trestle table – but not, the Split Table is the perfect addition to a modernist d├ęcor with touches of a mid-century aesthetic. The splayed legs, while referencing the 50s style, are made more 21st century with their chunky and angular profile as well as by the split and bent craftsmanship at the top of the legs. The chunkier split legs makes this table a perfect foil for the oversized dining pendants above and the overall pale … (read more)

Design Yourself Light Weight Furniture by Oruga

What fun it is to be able to design your own lightweight furniture and pick any color(s) you want! As Oruga’s website says, “Oruga is the Coolest Collection” — and they are so right! And not one tree was harmed in the making of this furniture – it contains no wood (and no metal for that matter). There are no loose cushions to be always rearranging either – thanks to this ultra practical design. The material is almost impervious to stains – even a marker will wipe off … (read more)

Electrolux Design Lab 2013 contest winner

The winner is Mab, an automated cleaning system consisting of hundreds of flying mini-robots, envisioned by Adrian Perez Zapata from Colombia.

Inspired by the controlled flight of bees pollinating a flower, Mab flying robots clean surfaces by touching them with a drop of water. Mab scans the house, determine the areas to clean and sends the robots flying. Electrolux. Previously, Electrolux Design Lab 2013 contest finalists.