Jenn-Air 36″ 6-burner gas cooktop

This is the first 6-burner, 36″ gas cooktop by Jenn-Air, and the industry most powerful, with a combined 78,000 BTU power output, including a left front 18,000 BTU power burner.

You also get 3 high performance 15,000 BTU burners – a left rear, a center rear and a center front, as well as a 9,000 BTU right front burner and a 6,000 BTU right rear simmer burner, all sealed and made of the highest quality brass.

At a height of only 3 mm, the cooktop low profile, near-flush design creates a sleek, built-in … (read more)

ILVE 36″ professional gas cooktop by EuroChef

EuroChef USA now offers the new 36″ professional grade gas cooktop from ILVE. Well known for its attention to detail, elegant design, Italian craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, ILVE continues its tradition of quality engineered home appliances with this all new 5-burner gas cooktop.

Available exclusively from EuroChef, the high-performance 36″ wide cooktop will certainly satisfy the needs of the most demanding home chefs in a way not found with any other cooktop in the market today. Along with its high-power brass burners and large cooking surface, the ILVE 36″ gas cooktop offers … (read more)

You can put a pan anywhere on Thermador’s flexible cooktop

You can put a pan anywhere on Thermador’s flexible cooktop

Thermador claims that you can place a pan anywhere on the surface of its Freedom induction cooktop and start cooking. There are no set elements, just a smooth surface and color touchscreen. At $ 5,000 it’s the most expensive cooktop Consumer Reports has tested. When a product this innovative comes along our experts quickly get to work—this time putting Thermador’s bold promises to the test.

The claims. Beyond the promise of speed heating and an intuitive interface, Thermador … (read more)

Siemens VarioInduction Domino cooktop for flexible cooking

The 30cm wide VarioInduction Domino cooktop, the EH375MV17E from Siemens can be used as a large roasting pan, teppan yaki or grill. You can also cook on this hob as you would with several smaller pans or pots, because Siemens VarioInduction technology offers virtually unlimited flexibility in a very small footprint. This is the first time the VarioInduction is employed by Domino cooktops.

Siemens VarioInduction Domino cooktops are ideal for those who want to coordinate the kitchen space according to their exact cooking habits and lifestyles. The ceramic glass EH375MV17E has 2 induction … (read more)

Gas induction cooktop from Highland

With its frameless black surface, 4mm beveled edge and stylish, conveniently located stainless steel control knobs, the ceramic glass hob from Highland not only makes striking impression but also delivers exceptional cooking flexibility and performance – thanks to the 5-zone configuration including 4 dual ring gas wok burners 22 MJ each and 28cm diameter, 3.7 kW single induction zone with booster feature.

Among key features of this hybrid hob are
– automatic pan detection sensor
– automatic switch off safety feature on induction zone
– residual heat indicator
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A new top-rated electric cooktop just in time for the holidays

A new top-rated electric cooktop just in time for the holidays

The eating season is here and that means cooking, lots and lots of cooking. To prepare a big holiday meal it helps to have a cooktop that can quickly bring a big pot of water to a boil for potatoes or a burner that can maintain a constant low heat when you’re making a chocolate dessert. Enter the Maytag MEC7430WS, the new electric smoothtop that just took first place in our 30-inch cooktop tests.

Precise simmering and super-fast … (read more)

OTTO coffee maker and its induction cooktop

You can now buy OTTO 240 volt, specifically developed induction cooktop for AU$ 195. The 110 volt US version will be available somewhere in the middle of 2013. The US customers can buy the OTTO espresso maker now and use gas while waiting for the induction hob. The shipping to the USA is AU$ 155. OTTO itself sells for AU$ 800.

The best position for a gas flame is within 1.25″ radius of the OTTO center. Focusing heat as close to the center of the boiler as possible delivers the best results.

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Cooktop extractor fan from BORA

The space saving, 3-speed BORA cooktop extractor fan measures only 9cm in width and is more effective than conventional extractor hoods, because cooking vapours are drawn right where they arise – at the cooktop level. BORA employs basic physics, sucking in kitchen vapours which rise at the speed of 1 meter per second, at 4 meters per second. This downdraft cooktop extractor fan fits nicely next to or between cooking hobs. Touch controls, auto safety shut off, variable duct system and integrated silencer. BORA .

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