Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker with Recipe Cookbook

What’s a Wonderbag? It’s a eco-friendly slow cooker that saves up to 30% of fuel you would use to slow cook a meal over a hot stove or fire. For every Wonderbag purchased in the US, one is donated to a family in need in Africa.

Families in developing countries who use Wonderbags save up to 30% of their income otherwise spent on fuel for wood stoves Portable Slow Cooker – Gourmet dining anywhere – perfect for potlucks, picnics, camping, BBQs and tailgating Eco-friendly slow cooking – No plugs, no fuss: Cooks your … (read more)

Gorenje CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements refrigeration range

Gorenje reaches glittering new heights with its CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements refrigeration range. The CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements range features two stunning freestanding fridge freezers, the new NRK67358SB and the premium NRK26000SB. With the kitchen fast becoming the main room in the house, investments in statement pieces are going to be a priority going forward and these products epitomise the modern desire for a refrigerator that is not just an appliance, but also a piece of stunning, eye-catching design. For the consumer who wants to make the maximum impact, the premium NRK26000SB is the perfect choice. … (read more)

The Microwave Oven- a Brief History

I remember my parents first microwave; my father insisted my mother needed this newfangled appliance, and she was equally insistent that it would, and I quote, collect dust. Fast forward 35 years or so, and she’s using her newest stainless steel model daily.

I was a kid when that first microwave appeared and never gave much thought to the technological progress it represented – how it came to be sitting there- ’til now, so…

Here’s a quick overview of the history of the microwave oven:
Percy Spencer of Raytheon Co. … (read more)

New high-performance BlueStar ranges inspired by Chef Marcus Samuelsson

BlueStar, manufacturer of high-performance cooking equipment for the home, just announced that it has teamed with celebrity chef and cookbook author Marcus Samuelsson to launch an Inspired by Marcus line of ranges for the home chef. The new Inspired by Marcus line combines the power and high-performance that has become synonymous with BlueStar products, with unique cooking features and aesthetic sensibilities inspired by one of the world’s leading chefs.

“This range embodies my vision for every home chef to have the best products with which to create their own culinary experiences,” said Chef Samuelsson. … (read more)

Smart refrigerator by Gorenje with radio, voice messaging and cooking tips

The new Smart refrigerator, Gorenje NRK67358E fully reflects ‘being bold and different’ Gorenje philosophy which is at the core of the company stylish and innovative kitchen appliances. It is where sleek and robust blend naturally, and where practicality and genuine flair dovetail without compromise. Slim and elegant, the Smart refrigerator combines excellent use of space with superb design and the very latest technology to keep food, vegetables and fruit in the very best of condition.

The new NRK67358E freestanding fridge freezer is ‘A+’ rated for energy and carries all the special features which have … (read more)

Combi microwave ovens – Whirlpool Combi microwave with steam and crisp grill

The Jet Saveur combi auto steam grill microwave, Whirlpool VT266, is one of the several combi microwave ovens, available for UK consumers who want to add another dimension to their kitchens. Equipped with special Crisp System for evenly crisp cooking results and steam function for healthy and better tasting meals, these freestanding combi microwaves deliver variety of meals quickly and efficiently. Whirlpool also incorporated the revolutionary 3D emission system for completely even microwave energy distribution, Jet Defrost for incredibly fast defrosting, up to 5 times faster than a conventional microwave and Magic Clean non … (read more)

Side opening wall oven from Belling

Belling, which has recently launched several innovative kitchen appliances, all British made, has announced a 60cm side opening wall oven, the BI60SO. This built-in oven is an ‘A’ rated 60cm single fanned electric oven with a variable electric grill and a side opening door for easy access. The wall oven comes complete with an internal light and a 3-button programmer, making it easy to time your dishes to the minute. The BI60SO side opening cavity caters effectively to wheelchair users by allowing them to get closer to the cavity when transferring dishes … (read more)

Win a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker

The holiday season and food. They seem to be inseparable. One way to make the job of cooking for the holidays easier is to let your appliances do the work for you. If you own a slow cooker, you know how nice it is to come home to dinner- ready to eat. You can use that same strategy for your holiday entertaining.

Potluck parties are popular now too. Hamilton Beach’s Stay or Go slow cooker has a clip to hold the lid in place so you can take your hot dish along without a … (read more)