Maytag Glass Line American-style fridge freezer

The sleek Maytag Glass Line American-style fridge freezer is one very seductive kitchen appliance. Even the bite of the ongoing economic climate hasn’t cooled the desire of many to make such a classic side by side fridge freezer the focal point of their kitchens. There is something undeniably charismatic about the big and beautiful American-style refrigerator, especially when style and functionality dovetail to produce the perfect appliance. The word ‘elegant’ comes to mind at first sight of Maytag capacious new Glass Line model, the MSS 20 CG114 fridge freezer, with its sophisticated mix … (read more)

E:Motion Trivet by Electrolux

[Eurocucina 2010 Review]
Electrolux launched the new trivet to allow wok cooking on induction hobs. The innovative and beautifully designed E:Motion Trivet accessory helps you overcome the one significant shortage of induction cooktops – their inability to handle anything but pots and pans with flat bases. The Electrolux E:Motion Trivet, however, provides induction through a curved surface, allowing for traditional Asian wok cooking on induction hobs. With its elegant rounded shape and silver appearance, this trivet is as much a statement of style as it is of innovative functionality.

Resembling a … (read more)

Stainless steel refrigerator with bottom freezer

The large capacity, practical AEG-Electrolux S75448KG fridge freezer is the beautiful stainless steel refrigerator with bottom freezer, perfect for any growing family contemporary kitchen. This impressive, stylish stainless steel refrigerator stands at 195cm and at 70cm wide creates even more food storage area, offering ideal cooling requirements for your food, be it fresh, chilled or frozen. This bottom freezer model is a great alternative to people who want a focus refrigerator in their kitchen but don’t have space for an American style SBS model. It has frost free chilling and freezing, holiday function … (read more)

New induction cooktops from Miele

Miele offers new range of its famous induction cooktops, EasyControl Plus, DirectControl and DirectControl Plus. Several configurations are offered with the sole purpose to have an induction cooktop that fits your kitchen layout and adds performance, power and flexibility, induction cooking is known for. The new cooktops come with TwinBooster, timer for each zone, Stop & Go functions and automatic simmer direct access system. An excellent choice for the most contemporary kitchens, Miele also introduced new high-frame design, an opaque glass ceramic surface and a stainless steel frame.

Taking pleasure in devising solutions … (read more)

March 2010 Monthly Round-Up for Kitchen Contraptions

March was another cool but amazing month of Kitchen Contraptions – filled with kitchen gadgets, grilling, and other kitchen wonders like the new. Thanks again to all of our loyal readers for visiting us each day, and you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Wilton 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set

Cutting Boards

Transfer Cutting Board – Move the Cuttings to Another Place

Espresso Machines

DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker – Compact Espresso Machine

Free Standing Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchen Microwave Cart with Drop Leaves – Free Standing Kitchen Fun(read more)

Contemporary Kitchen Microwave Cart with Drop Leaves – Free Standing Kitchen Fun

We think of the rolling microwave cutting board cart as one of the first free standing kitchens. We don’t currently have room for such a cart in our kitchen, but if you do – it’s a think of beauty. We used to have one and would roll it out and put all the h’orderves on it when having parties. It’s a also great to set a slow cooker on.

This practical contemporary kitchen cart has two drop leaves, one on each side, providing room for food preparation and also helping to minimize the space … (read more)

Food centre fridge freezer – side by side European Style

The AEG-Electrolux S75678SK1 is new European Style food centre fridge freezer that combines, performance, sophistication and ‘A+’ energy efficiency. Exceptional attention to detail and precision engineering make this a model that truly stands out from the crowd. This side by side fridge freezer is also the perfect choice for those who want an American style food centre that fits perfectly into a standard European kitchen, due to its slim 60cm depth. Because this appliance is built in-situ, this is also a great choice for homes which can’t accommodate a traditional sized American Style fridge … (read more)

Electric plate warmer – ATAG plate warming drawer

With its new electric plate warmer, ATAG ensures that your freshly cooked food and freshly brewed drinks are as perfectly prepared as possible. In these exciting times of high technology, and with entertaining at home being top of the agenda, such plate warming drawers have found a niche for themselves as the perfect companions to built-in ovens. Discreet and versatile, warming drawers are an attractive and practical addition to the kitchen, which perfectly complement the cooking range.

ATAG new electric plate warming drawer fits perfectly into the company top quality Max Series … (read more)