Classical Columns and Naked Concrete Walls Mix in Stylish NY Loft

New York City is the place to be for creative, contemporary loft interiors, and lucky for NYC this beautiful apartment by Axis Mundi happens to be on Manhattan’s Bond Street. This eclectic living space features an intriguing mix of modernism and luxury. Earthy textured wall tiles and contemporary art are seen between the classical Romanesque columns, summing up this interior’s assorted style. Window walls invite light and the lively city skyline inside, by day and night.

Contemporary … (read more)

Textural Concrete Tiles with Relief Motifs

A triangular motif, the Florentine tile is a Mercedesz Nagy design and is based on medieval architectural ornamentation used in monastery cloisters. The tetragonal, half opened florets where originally designed for meditative and contemplative purposes. Mercedesz multiplied the pattern and filled the surrounding negative spaces with asymmetrical rhombs that create a smooth transition to each Florentine while also adding in an extra layer of geometry. Each Florentine tile is 25.5×29.5×8.2cm for a bold yet subtle wall cladding.

Designed by Akos Horvath, … (read more)

Wall Hung Concrete Sink in Purple by Moab 80

The Elletre concrete sink is the new member of Moab 80‘s collection of concrete surfaces and bathroom fixtures. With its irregular shape, it looks soft and tactile, as if made of play dough. The imperfect look of the finishing brings the object closer to human nature, making it friendlier to the user’s eye. The friendly aspect is also increased by the warmer look of this material compared to the cold shine of ceramic sinks, but also by the organic, rounded shape. The washbasin can be either … (read more)

Concrete Tableware for Tasty Looking Meals

Architect and designer Vido Nori‘s passion for food led her to create a collection of tableware to suit her food design taste. True to her very geometrical style, she goes for asymmetrical shapes, with sharp angles and abrupt lines. Porcelain is obviously obsolete for the designer, for she chooses a very unusual material for the tableware industry: concrete. The collection is rich, consisting of bowls, platters, plates and snack dishes. They all come in different sizes and shapes, in order for one to be able … (read more)

Wood and Concrete Studio Mixes Old, New and Borrowed

The office and home of the Ganna Studio designers in Taipei, Taiwan is a great example of how to “marry” different materials, how to combine the old with the new and how to borrow design elements. They are not afraid to use, in a very limited space, such contrasting materials as wood, concrete, glossy glass, marble and fabric. The end result is quite daring and every room has a very strong personality! The old, represented here by the herringbone pattern of the floor and the … (read more)

Hand Drawn Concrete Sinks from Pietra Danzare

Durable and beautiful, these contemporary concrete sinks from Pietra Danzare have a cool industrial-chic edge, coupled with a touch of luxury. Taking shape as a rectangular slab, appearing shaped by water in its shallow, smooth dip into the drain. Customize your color scheme and the texture for a unique look. Or, take personalization to the next level by adding inlays – concrete is a perfect complement to noble materials like glass, natural stone, wood and metal. In spite of their organic aesthetic, these sinks are painstakingly handcrafted, each … (read more)

Colored Concrete Tile: Flaster from Ivanka

Here’s a cool new twist on tile – Flaster colored concrete tile from Ivanka Concrete Works will brighten up any home. These vibrant tiles feature a traditional floral motif splashed up in a range of hot hues, including black, grey, brown, sand, terra-cotta, blue, anthracite, core, lilac, brown, white, red, green and pink, or have a custom color made to suit your space. But it’s not just this rainbow that will catch your attention. These tiles are like a puzzle, featuring different shapes which can be pieced … (read more)

Overnight Ready GE Profile washer

The GE Profile front load steam washer with Overnight Ready cycle stands out as a time saving hero among the crowd. Overnight Ready lets you throw a small load in the washer, then wake up to ready-to-wear results. Yes, you don’t need to put it in the dryer in the middle of the night or whenever, because this cycle cleans and has a small load ready to wear in under 8 hours without changing the load from the washer to the dryer. Adaptive Vibration Control adapts to floor type and installation location, then optimizes … (read more)