Concept Faucet KWC DAN is a new bathroom sensation

KWC DAN is a new concept faucet developed by NOA, a German-based product development company. The design is set to become KWC’s next iconic faucet line. Trendir showcases many minimalist bathroom fixtures but Dan is quite unique because it’s based on an entirely new concept. Imagine combining a spout, a pressure balance valve and a thermostatic control into one minimalist object resembling a flying disk, and you get a fascinating mechanism that reduces faucet design to its absolute essence. The flow rate and water temperature can be controlled precisely using two … (read more)

Pantone Appliances Concept by Italian Antonio Lanzillo

Pantone Appliances Concept by Italian Antonio Lanzillo & Partners is revolutionary, fresh, young, simple, 2.0, intuitive, ergonomic, automated. Each hi-tech product will have an OLED multi-touch control pad in perfect Pantone style. These home appliances use domotic language offering automation and remote control, and may be coordinated with one another and operated via smart phone using dedicated software. Antonio Lanzillo.


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