Capri modular cooking systems by J. Corradi

If these professional ovens by J. Corradi look a bit too nostalgic for you, as does this vintage fridge, we certainly hope the company contemporary Capri line of modular cooking systems is more to your liking. Designed to create a focal point in your house for the most unforgettable moments either indoors or outdoors, these versatile modular cooktops bring a restaurant quality cooker in your home or in your garden. You built the cooking system to your preference, you pay and get it delivered. Later, this open system can be further … (read more)

New energy-saving 230V Cook-N-Dine teppan grills

CDS-Design of Munich, Germany, builds their ultra-slim built-in teppan grills with the environment in mind. These eye-catching teppanyaki griddles are made from 60-80% reclaimed and recycled German stainless steel. New energy-saving 230V models draw a mere 7.8 AMP on high. CND teppanyaki grills can be installed into any type of counter material, indoors and outdoors, while eating up less than 2 inch cabinet space height.

Cook-N-Dine, now in its eighth year since the US-launch of the world-wide patented teppanyaki grill from Germany, is offering energy-saving 230 Volt models. Not only do they combine … (read more)

Eldorado Stone – outdoor building blocks

For every homeowner who dreams of an entertaining enclave defined in the beauty of brick or stone, be it a luxury outdoor kitchen, stylish veranda or stunning dining room, there is the very real and intimidating prospect of actually creating it. Such custom installations have always translated to substantial investments in time, cost, materials and labor, until now.

With Eldorado Outdoor, Eldorado Stone makes it possible for anyone to enjoy a luxury backyard space within days, with outdoor cabinets that are easy for any contractor to use, and then dress with any … (read more)

Maytag French Door refrigerator, the Ice2O Easy Access

The new Maytag Ice2O Easy Access is energy most efficient four-door refrigerator with an external pantry drawer for fresh food and healthy favorites. The drawer holds up to five bags of groceries. Four LED lights in the external pantry drawer provide a clear view of the contents for easy access, plus the convenient counter height drawer is easily accessible to the whole family. When using the full extension drawer, 80% of the refrigerator remains closed, which equals less energy consumption that may add up, considering the refrigerator is the most touched appliance in the … (read more)

La Marzocco Strada

The new La Marzocco Strada is designed with the barista in mind. For the first time, the coffee machine allows for absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during an extraction. The Strada comes with what is likely the most advanced pressure profiling system in the world today. Pressure profiling is very important because it allows the barista to tailor each extraction to bring out different flavor components, affecting the balance and body of the shot to produce a rounder, softer espresso. And in today coffee markets, where you find the widest … (read more)

Recall: Commercial Ice Cube Machines by Scotsman Due to Fire Hazard

Name of Product: ScotsmanĀ® Commercial Modular Cube Ice Machines (Modular Cubers)

Units: About 43,000

Manufacturer: Scotsman Group LLC, of Vernon Hills, Ill.

Hazard: The solenoid, an electrical component in the product, can fail and result in an electrical arc that can pose a fire hazard.

Incidents/Injuries: The company has received four reports of fires and 37 reports of burned or melted components, resulting in replacement of machines and component parts. No injuries have been reported.

Description: The recalled machines are designed to be installed on top of ice storage bins or ice dispensers, and typically … (read more)

New canister vacuum series by Miele

Miele introduces the S2 Canister Vacuum Series, the quiet and powerful Olympus, Delphi and Titan. These very lightweight, yet robust canister vacuums feature Miele incredibly powerful Vortex Motor System, a super efficient AirClean filtration system and start at around $350. Ideal for first-time buyers, the S2 canister vacuum cleaners provide exceptional performance, quality, filtration, nimble handling and remarkably quiet operation at an outstanding value.

Many convenient features are seamlessly integrated into the vacuum such as large foot switches, a 29Ā½ foot operating radius and an intuitive rotary power selector. The all new combination carpet … (read more)

Barazza Velvet Touch Screen oven

The Barazza Velvet Touch Screen oven comes in several configurations and finishes, combining technological excellence with the pure elegance of a minimalist design to match decor and style of your modern kitchen. The automatic door, whether drop-down or side-opening, opens with gentle touch of the Velvet screen display. Or you can opt for a traditional drop-down door with handle design. Some models also come with 18/10 stainless steel internal oven.

The Velvet touch screen controls allow you to personalize cooking programs and to organize functions, diagnostics directly on the screen and to … (read more)