Low-cost Renovation of Compact City Apartment

This project represents the renovation of a compact apartment in a popular neighborhood in Barcelona. The owners, a young and dynamic couple, asked architect Eva Cotman for a quick and low-cost renovation. In order to adapt it to a young and modern lifestyle, the apartment was stripped down to its basic structure. All non-load bearing wall were removed, at the same time exposing the brick structure of the walls and the beams of the ceiling. Tearing down the false ceiling gained the necessary extra … (read more)

Electrolux Inspiration Range compact dishwasher

The compact dishwasher from Electrolux Inspiration Range has a distinctive, modern look. This premium dishwasher requires little space, while its clean architectural lines, unique material and sleek handle gives it an iconic look that fits in any contemporary kitchen.

Available in stylish glossy white, black or red, Electrolux Inspiration Range compact dishwasher comes with the intuitive LED interface, discreetly hidden on the upper edge of the door. In spite of its compact design, you have 6 full settings and 6 auto programs activated at the push of a button. Electrolux.

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Compact Secretary Desk and New Collection from Harto

Harto, a new design studio, has just released its first furniture collection and it radiates that Parisian simplicity and style. It’s leek and elegant – and clever all at once. The Juliet wall shelf – made from sheet metal for strength and coated with dense matted lacquer – is part wall shelf, part partition, part sculpture. And it’s available in a range of colors to suit any room. The geometric reading lamp, dubbed Elisabeth, keeps to the simple lines with a pencil-thin wire frame. The “Ernest” rocking chair … (read more)

Kenwood Multipro Sense compact food processor

The agile Multipro Sense FPM800 compact food processor from Kenwood features a robust solid metal die cast body, a BPA free, shatterproof Tritan plastic bowl, a heat resistant ThermoResist glass blender, a stable base and a range of attachments and accessories, delivering broad functionality and outstanding food processing performance. Its 8-speed + Pulse option, 1.0 kW variable motor, Kenwood patented Multipro dual drive system and intelligent auto function offer flexible control. In addition, the Multipro Sense compact food processor automatically switches to Eco mode, if left idle for 30 minutes.

For those aspiring … (read more)

BeefEater BUGG compact barbecue

The compact BUGG completes impressive range of BeefEater grills. An efficient and space saving barbecue, BeefEater BUGG is a high power, robust and versatile grill that offers eye catching design and portability. Made of a lightweight cast aluminum with convenient grip handles on front and back, the BUGG body is easily removed from its stand and ideal for camping on your favourite grounds.

In spite of its seemingly diminutive looks, the compact BeefEater grill offers a generous 1,860 sq. cm cooking space and has sturdy detachable shelves, that can be stored inside … (read more)

Compact gourmet grill from Grundig Black Sense Line

Beautifully finished in black and stainless steel, the high performance CG8280 compact gourmet grill from Grundig belongs to the company Black Sense Line and is a perfect compact indoor grill for a barbecue fun with the whole family and guests.

The 1.6 kW contact grill features adjustable temperature settings and 2 large 516 cm² hinged grill plates, that are non-stick coated and easily detachable. The gap between the plates adapts to the thickness of grilled food, ensuring perfect barbecue each and every time. In addition, this compact gourmet grill from Grundig comes with … (read more)

AEG Electrolux UltraCaptic Compact & Go vacuum cleaner


Emptying out vacuum cleaners, bagless or not, is one of the least appealing routines. The new UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner has Compact & Go written on its carrying handle, reminding you that it compacts the dust before emptying for a simple controlled disposal of compacted dust, ensuring not only powerful vacuuming, but cleaner and easier emptying.

AEG Electrolux UltraCaptic has powerful suction to ensure quick, spotless results. The vacuum comes with innovative AeroPro Silent nozzle which is optimized to deliver precise, powerful cleaning of different surfaces. lt features a brush, crevice nozzle … (read more)

Clever Compact Bathroom Design by 123DV

Vanity, bathtub, shower and mirror, all in one spot, and so all the plumbing. Compact and convient, easy to buid and maintain. See the rest of this minimalist brick wall house by the Netherlands architecture firm 123DV.

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