Chaise Loveseat Sofa from David Batho: Elegance and Comfort

Modern design, combined with traditional leather work, brings the loveseat to a new level of style. This piece would look simply stunning in any room – but doesn’t it look incredible here against the acid-etched cement floor? You could use it as a fainting couch, can you imagine? Or just lie draped across it, with a rose between your teeth. What a photo that would make! In all seriousness, while this is a high-design piece, it’s also extremely comfortable. David Batho is known for working with the client … (read more)

3 gifts for the house that add comfort and value

3 gifts for the house that add comfort and value

What if you took all the money you plan to spend on individual gifts for your family and spent the whole chunk of change on something for the home that everyone can enjoy. After all, how many sweaters or portable devices do you need? Installing a stationary generator to get you through the next blackout or central air conditioning to survive another hot summer will improve not only your quality of life but the value of your home as well. … (read more)

V-ZUG Comfort Cooking induction hob

Making your lives easier, the 77 cm wide V-ZUG GK46TIAKS Comfort Cooking induction hob features fully automatic functions for cooking rice, for boil and simmer, and for general cooking temperatures.

You will also get preset temperatures for boiling and frying, so no longer will you stand over your induction hob, trying to figure out the right cooking parameters, watch the food like a hawk and worry about overcooking. Simply pick the program you want, prepare the food, then put it on the hob and walk away. The V-ZUG GK46TIAKS Comfort Cooking induction … (read more)