Wilfa waffle maker

The 1.7 kW Wilfa waffle maker features a pair of anti stick coated waffle cavities for 6 heart-shaped waffles each. The air vents will release the air bubbles so you get perfectly made waffles every time. This double waffle maker also comes with a manual thermostat and a light that alerts when the waffle is ready cooked.

The Wilfa WAD-619W waffle maker is a perfect companion to Wilfa Svart Presisjon automatic coffee machine. Can be stored upright, comes in black and white. Price is around € 95. Wilfa.

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Brilliant Furniture Collection by Alivar Comes with Beautiful Details

We’ve always liked Alivar’s modern contemporary furniture but now they’ve come up with the new collection aptly named Brilliant. And it is a brilliant — and cool looking — line, the latest and most elegant interpretation of the true contemporary style. Mixing and matching pieces from within the collection – the effects are simply stunning. When you have one piece with such style and presence, you have a showpiece but when you mix and match — your own sense of style and taste emerges. And you can rest … (read more)

AEG Powermix Pro blender comes to the UK in red and black

AEG Powermix Pro belongs to AEG stylish range of red gloss and black kitchen appliances. Likely the quietest blender currently on the market, Powermix Pro features a patented sound reduction system and is so quiet, you can talk while using it and still be heard. Unlike your typical modern blender that produces somewhere between 85 and 95 dB, just as a lawn mower or a motorcycle, this blender keeps noise level under 77 dB, a very noticeable difference.

The 2013 AEG kitchen range also includes UltraMix Pro stick mixer, and a kettle … (read more)