AEG Electrolux UltraCaptic Compact & Go vacuum cleaner


Emptying out vacuum cleaners, bagless or not, is one of the least appealing routines. The new UltraCaptic vacuum cleaner has Compact & Go written on its carrying handle, reminding you that it compacts the dust before emptying for a simple controlled disposal of compacted dust, ensuring not only powerful vacuuming, but cleaner and easier emptying.

AEG Electrolux UltraCaptic has powerful suction to ensure quick, spotless results. The vacuum comes with innovative AeroPro Silent nozzle which is optimized to deliver precise, powerful cleaning of different surfaces. lt features a brush, crevice nozzle … (read more)

Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner from Grundig

Grundig Little Guard VCH 6130 is lightweight and compact handheld vacuum cleaner, tough and robust enough to accomplish some heavy duty and messy chores. Weighing only 700 grams or just over 1.5 lbs, the Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner takes care of the dust, dirt and spills.

The hand held vacuum cleaner is equipped with 7.2 V high suction power motor and the rechargeable NiMH batteries, so you can be vacuuming quite intensely either dust particles or fluids. Its unique LED light enhances visibility while cleaning. Comes with power adapter, crevice … (read more)

Grundig Bodyguard Eco vacuum cleaner

The powerful Grundig VCC 9851 Bodyguard is a 350 watt Eco vacuum that gives you extra strong suction with noise level capped at only 74.5 dBA. Grundig equips this vacuum cleaner with Soft Start motor protection with advanced continuous suction power adjustment and innovative 4.0 liter Microban protected dust bag.

Developed for consumers who wants the best cleaning results, Grundig Bodyguard has washable HEPA filter, washable motor protection filter and features 7 filter levels. Its adjustable 94cm telescopic metal tube, 9 meter operating radius, 4 rollers that preserve hard floors and green LED function … (read more)

Canister vacuum cleaner from Samsung

Samsung technology and smart design innovation are clearly displayed with the three canister vacuum cleaners, recently launched in the US. These Samsung vacuums make floor cleaning a quieter, quicker and healthier experience with reduced noise levels and innovative ergonomic design. Available in Champagne, Electric Blue and Black, the cleaners offer comfort and ease of use as well as easy storage and maneuvering on all floor types.

The innovative airflow design reduces excessive noise, cutting down on the roaring vacuum sounds that can disturb everyone in the house. Each Samsung canister vacuum cleaner also features … (read more)

Ariete Hot Aqua Power vacuum cleaner

Hot Aqua Power is the 2.0 kW high-suction washing vacuum cleaner from Ariete with hot water function. You will have all the power and functionality needed to clean the dirtiest spots and dry them fast. With Ariete Hot Aqua Power, you can switch from hot to cold water and to add a chosen amount of detergent.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with the magic brush which sprays a significant amount of water while sucking at the same time. Adjustable suction power, water filter, 4-stage HEPA filter, 3 liter clean and dirty water tanks, 0.7 … (read more)

Kobold VR100 robotic cleaner

The Vorwerk Kobold VR100 is the automatic vacuum cleaner that runs on a lithium ion battery. This robotic cleaner is equipped with a laser range finder which helps the vacuum to navigate its way around. The Kobold VR100 automatically returns to its docking station after 60 minutes. Perfectly suited for carpet and hard floors, the robust robotic cleaner handles obstacles and corners with ease, thanks to its all-wheel drive and cleverly shaped side brushes.

Kobold VR100 design strongly resembles that of Neato robotic vacuum cleaner. Its lithium ion battery life is 90 … (read more)

Dyson DC39 canister vacuum with Ball Technology

Engineered to follow faithfully, DC39 is Dyson first canister vacuum cleaner with Ball Technology for stable maneuvering around the tightest corners. Canister cleaners are often awkward to steer and can topple. They lurch into furniture, veer off at tangents and may be difficult to pull. Like an errant shopping cart, their crude casters drift across hard floors and get buried in carpets, so more force is needed to keep them on track. And reliant on bags, they can lose suction, too.

Sitting on a ball, DC39 has a lower center of … (read more)

Electrolux Still Entertaining Daewoo Purchase

Electrolux my be behind your next Daewoo purchase.

Electrolux is interested in buying Daewoo Electronics Corp. should the takeover of the bankrupt South Korean appliance maker by an Iranian rival fall through, Chief Executive Officer Keith McLoughlin said.

According to, creditors of Daewoo Electronics last year agreed to an offer from Entekhab Industrial Group over a competing one from Electrolux. Lenders have since extended the deadline for Entekhab to pay the 471.5 billion won ($420 million) price tag until April 7. Daewoo Electronics had sales of 1.13 trillion won in 2009, according to … (read more)